INSTALLATION AND SET-UP. 6.5.1 Installation for all Equipment and Software will occur as described in Exhibit F or the applicable Change Request, Project Plan, and Work Plan. Any Equipment and Software installations done by Contractor shall be conducted by experienced and trained Staff, and shall not invalidate or void any manufacturerswarranties. Contractor will be responsible for safety conditions in the areas of work performance that it controls.
INSTALLATION AND SET-UP. GEOARM agrees to instruct CLIENT or CLIENT REPRESENTATIVE via telephone, email, user manual and/or over the internet in the proper use, installation and set-up of the system. GEOARM will not be responsible to monitor any devices that are not programmed by GEOARM for alarm or supervisory conditions into GEOARM’S signaling system. It is mutually agreed that the work of technical support by GEOARM shall be performed between the hours of 9:00 o’clock a.m. and 5:00 o’clock p.m. ET, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
INSTALLATION AND SET-UP. During the term hereof, BSC or its subdistributor, at BSC's or such subdistributor's expense, will install and place into operation, in accordance with the Company's written instructions and procedures therefor, at the End-User's designated location, the System(s) ordered by such End-User from BSC or such subdistributor, and will supply to the Company, at BSC's or such subdistributor's expense, such installation reports as the Company reasonably requests in writing for regulatory compliance and other record-keeping reasons.
INSTALLATION AND SET-UP shall provide all personnel required for the installation and testing of the SLG software and hardware in each auditorium in which SLG Events will be held. SLG personnel and/or contractors will orchestrate the installation in collaboration with _______________ management as well as the applicable staff at the participating theaters. Further, _______________ shall schedule an appropriate time for the foregoing to occur with theater-level contacts at least ten (10) days prior to the initial SLG Event.
INSTALLATION AND SET-UP a. Installation and set-up are separately priced charges and are NOT incorporated into this Agreement.
INSTALLATION AND SET-UP. PayKiosks will complete installation and set-up of the PAIK in the Hotel lobby, such that it will be fully functional by April 29, 2004 at the latest.
INSTALLATION AND SET-UP. Do not drop, bend, or flex the display. Do not allow objects to strike the surface of the display. CAUTION: The display uses CMOS and devices. These components are electrostatic- sensitive. Unpack, assemble, and examine this assembly in a static-controlled area only. When shipping, use packing materials designed for protection of electrostatic-sensitive components.