Association Facilities Sample Clauses

Association Facilities. 3.2.1 The University agrees to continue to provide to the Association, without charge, the use of a suitably serviced and maintained, centrally-located office at the Waterloo Campus. The University shall also provide internal telephone services with external access (provided that the Association will pay all long-distance charges) and use of the intra-University mail delivery service.
Association Facilities. A. The Board shall assign space to the Association in Scarsdale High School to be used as an office of the Association.
Association Facilities. Section 1 The Office will provide a furnished office and private line telephone for the Association, to provide a confidential place to discuss complaints and other Association matters. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the Office may not relocate such office or alter its size or configuration except where it is necessary to meet the Office's obligations under Article 16. However, the office shall not be reduced to a size less than 230 square feet. Use of the office is subject to the following conditions:
Association Facilities. 3.2.1 The University shall provide to the Association, without charge, the use of one office, furnished with the following furnishings: desk; desk chair; 3 side chairs; waste basket; filing cabinet; bookcase. The University shall also provide internal telephone services with external access (provided that the Association will pay all long- distance charges) and use ofthe intra-University mail delivery service. The University shall undertake to provide the Association with larger office space by January 1, 2008 that is sufficient to accommodate a photocopier, an office for an administrator, filing and storage. A meeting room which will accommodate 12 people will be assigned to WLUFA. This room can be booked by the university community through the Association office. The University shall also provide a photocopier for the Association’s exclusive use for which the Association will pay at the normal university rates.
Association Facilities. 2.2.1 The University shall provide the following to the Association, without charge: a centrally-located office, suitably serviced and maintained; use of the University’s internal postal service; and meeting rooms booked through the room-booking procedures applicable to academic departments.

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  • PUBLIC FACILITIES Vendor’s employees may be required to perform work at government- owned facilities, including schools. Vendor’s employees and agents must conduct themselves in a professional manner while on the premises, and in accordance with Participating Entity policies and procedures, and all applicable laws.

  • Office Facilities During the Employment Period, the Company will furnish Executive, without charge, suitable office facilities for the purpose of performing his duties hereunder, which facilities shall include secretarial, telephone, clerical and support personnel and services and shall be similar to those furnished to employees of the Company having comparable positions.