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Monitoring and. MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS EXPANDED The Bu�e Priority Soils cleanup is planned for a variety of loca�ons. If you live on the Hill or near the creeks this work will likely take place in your neighborhood. The Silver Bow Creek flood plain and Blacktail Creek west of Kaw Avenue will see major a�en�on. Historic mine wastes have been in the ground in this area for over a century. The groundwater beneath this area is impacted and can poten�ally make its way in to Blacktail and Silver Bow Creeks. Six project loca�ons generally located near Blacktail and Silver Bow Creeks will see extensive work. Grove Gulch, Northside Tailings, Diggings East, Buffalo Gulch, Blacktail Creek and its confluence, and Bu�e Reduc�on Works will see removal of historic mine waste, stream reconstruc�on, expansion of groundwater capture and treatment systems, and installa�on of stormwater treatment ponds. Areas across the Hill will be evaluated again to determine if more cleanup is necessary and if protec�on from stormwater Above: Conceptual rendering showing the transformation of Butte Reduction Works site. Inset: flow is required. In addi�on to work happening Historic photo of Butte Reduction Works at the turn of the century. on the Hill and in the creek corridor, drainages that discharge to the creeks will be controlled COMPLYING WITH STANDARDS to prevent contaminated sediments from Metal levels in Silver Bow Creek have The compliance plan entering the creek. Total Recoverable Copper (CuTR) Concentrations during Normal Flow Sampling TOTAL RECOVERABLE COPPER CONCENTRATIONS GOING DOWN declined drama�cally since cleanup began. requires the soil caps, stormwater Today the creek meets State water quality basins, and groundwater capture Standard Copper Concentra�on - Base Flow Record of Decision (ROD) (2006) Consent Decree (CD) (2020) standards most of the �me, but when it rains, and treatment systems to be metal levels in the creek increase (see inset). properly built, operated and 300 250 Because it is not technically prac�cable to maintained to capture metal achieve the State’s total recoverable copper contamina�on that would and zinc acute standards at all �mes, Federal otherwise flow into the creek. If Recoverable Copper (CuTR) (ug/L) standards for copper and zinc will be used to the metal concentra�ons in surface 200 measure water quality. water exceed State water quality Remedial Investigation (RI) Period (up to 1998) There are also elevated levels of standards, these remedies may cadmium, arseni...
Monitoring and. Neath Port Talbot Council Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP)- Delivery Agreement (Consultation Draft) - July 2021
Monitoring and. IMPLEMENTATION
Monitoring and. Compliance Manufacturers will authorize Disney and its designated agents (including third parties) to engage in monitoring activities to confirm compliance with this Code of Conduct, including unannounced on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and employer-provided housing; reviews of books and records relating to employment matters; and private interviews with employees. Manufacturers will maintain on site all documentation that may be needed to demonstrate compliance with this Code of Conduct. Publication Manufacturers will take appropriate steps to ensure that the provisions of this Code of Conduct are communicated to employees, including the prominent posting of a copy of this Code of Conduct, in the local language and in a place readily accessible to employees, at all times.
Monitoring and. Neath Port Talbot Council Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) Delivery Agreement (January 2022)

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  • Monitoring and Evaluation a. The AGENCY shall expeditiously provide to the COUNTY upon request, all data needed for the purpose of monitoring, evaluating and/or auditing the program(s). This data shall include, but not be limited to, clients served, services provided, outcomes achieved, information on materials and services delivered, and any other data required, in the sole discretion of the COUNTY, that may be required to adequately monitor and evaluate the services provided under this Contract. Monitoring shall be performed in accordance with COUNTY’S established Noncompliance Standards, a copy of which is attached hereto and incorporated by reference as Attachment “C”.

  • Monitoring and Review 5.1 The Council and the BID Company shall set up the Standard Services Review Panel within 28 days from the date of this Agreement the purpose of which shall be to:

  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation (c) The Borrower shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, and furnish to the Bank not later than six months after the Closing Date, a report of such scope and in such detail as the Bank shall reasonably request, on the execution of the Program, the performance by the Loan Parties and the Bank of their respective obligations under the Legal Agreements and the accomplishment of the purposes of the Loan.

  • Monitoring and Compliance Every year during the term of this Agreement on the anniversary date of the effective date of the Agreement, the Restaurant shall provide to the United States a narrative report of the actions taken during the reporting period to remove any barriers to access and otherwise enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities at the Restaurant and any plans for action concerning ADA compliance in the coming year. The report shall include as an exhibit copies of any complaint, whether formal or informal, received during the reporting period alleging that the Restaurant was not being operated in compliance with the ADA or otherwise discriminated against any person on account of disability. The Owner and Operator of the Restaurant shall cooperate in good faith with any and all reasonable requests by the United States for access to the Restaurant and for information and documents concerning the Restaurant's compliance with this Agreement and the ADA. The United States shall have the right to verify compliance with this Agreement and the ADA, both as set forth in this Agreement and through any means available to the general public, including visits to the public areas of the Restaurant and communications with Restaurant staff. The United States shall have the right to inspect the facility at any time, and counsel for the United States need not identify themselves in the course of visits to the public areas.

  • Monitoring In each case in which the Foreign Custody Manager maintains Foreign Assets with an Eligible Foreign Custodian selected by the Foreign Custody Manager, the Foreign Custody Manager shall establish a system to monitor (i) the appropriateness of maintaining the Foreign Assets with such Eligible Foreign Custodian and (ii) the contract governing the custody arrangements established by the Foreign Custody Manager with the Eligible Foreign Custodian. In the event the Foreign Custody Manager determines that the custody arrangements with an Eligible Foreign Custodian it has selected are no longer appropriate, the Foreign Custody Manager shall notify the Board in accordance with Section 3.2.5 hereunder.

  • Monitoring Compliance Upon the request of the Lender, but without incurring any liability beyond the Guaranteed Obligations, from time to time, Guarantor shall promptly provide to the Lender such documents, certificates and other information as may be deemed reasonably necessary to enable the Lender to perform its functions under the Servicing Agreement as the same relates to the Guarantor.

  • Monitoring and Audit To deter unauthorized access events, a warning or no trespassing message will be displayed at the point of initial entry (i.e., network entry or applications with direct entry points). Each Party should have several approved versions of this message. Users should expect to see a warning message similar to this one: "This is a (SBC-13STATE or CLEC) system restricted to Company official business and subject to being monitored at any time. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and to any evidence of unauthorized access, use, or modification being used for criminal prosecution."

  • Evaluation, Testing, and Monitoring 1. The System Agency may review, test, evaluate and monitor Grantee’s Products and services, as well as associated documentation and technical support for compliance with the Accessibility Standards. Review, testing, evaluation and monitoring may be conducted before and after the award of a contract. Testing and monitoring may include user acceptance testing. Neither the review, testing (including acceptance testing), evaluation or monitoring of any Product or service, nor the absence of review, testing, evaluation or monitoring, will result in a waiver of the State’s right to contest the Grantee’s assertion of compliance with the Accessibility Standards.

  • Project Monitoring Reporting and Evaluation The Recipient shall furnish to the Association each Project Report not later than forty-five (45) days after the end of each calendar semester, covering the calendar semester.

  • Monitoring and Reporting 3.1 The Contractor shall provide workforce monitoring data as detailed in paragraph 3.2 of this Schedule 8. A template for data collected in paragraphs 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 will be provided by the Authority. Completed templates for the Contractor and each Sub-contractor will be submitted by the Contractor with the Diversity and Equality Delivery Plan within six (6) Months of the Commencement Date and annually thereafter. Contractors are required to provide workforce monitoring data for the workforce involved in delivery of the Contract. Data relating to the wider Contractor workforce and wider Sub-contractors workforce would however be well received by the Authority. Contractors and any Sub-contractors are required to submit percentage figures only in response to paragraphs 3.2(a), 3.2(b) and 3.2(c).