Model Sample Clauses

Model. List your model number of the product you are bidding.
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Model. The site-based management model developed at each site must address the participants in the model, the structure through which the site reaches shared decisions, and the levels of involvement in the model. These elements must be developed and implemented during the 95-96 school year.
Model. The Lenders shall have received, at least three (3) Business Days prior to the Closing Date, the financial model for the Loans, which shall be satisfactory to the Lenders in their sole discretion (the “Model”) (it being agreed and acknowledged by the Lenders that the Model delivered to the Lenders on April 16, 2021 is satisfactory). (o)
Model. List your model number of the product you are bidding. No response XXXX 1923700 Westward/Xxxx or Equivalent $49.99 $49.99
Model. An imaging equipment product that is sold or marketed under a unique model number or marketing name. A product model may be comprised of a base product or a base product plus accessories.
Model. List your model number of the product you are bidding. The Force Brown Men's HS 1218 Deputy Deluxe Short Sleeve Shirt, 65 poly/35 rayon (14.5-20) Quantity: 15 UOM: EA Unit Price: Total: Manufacturer: Manufacturer #: Item Notes: Unit price shall include setup fee and zig-zag stitching of LSO patch left shoulder and embroidered badge. There shall be no raw edges showing around the patch. Item Attributes
Model. List your model number of the product you are bidding. 16028-HIWB-7 Traffix Devices 28" Plastic Two piece Cone, Orange, 6" & 4" 3M reflective collars w/10 lb base Quantity: 50 UOM: EA Unit Price: Manufacturer: Total: Item Notes: Minimum order of 25 Item Attributes
Model. UNIT The model unit at the site may not represent all the different types of Units in the Complex but is only a representative specimen solely intended for the purpose of giving out an idea of the kind of internal lay-out, specification, some fitments (not furniture and fixture) etc and neither will it be a matching replica of the Unit which the Customer intends to purchase nor will it be matching in its lay-out.
Model. The teacher evaluation and feedback model used shall be consistent with the most recently adopted model(s) of the District. On or before October 15 of each school year, the administration shall make available to each teacher a copy of the evaluation criteria and instrument to be used during that school year. Copies of the evaluation criteria and instrument may be posted electronically. In the event that the administration intends to modify the evaluative criteria or instrument, the Association shall be provided an opportunity to consult with the administration. It is understood, however, that the administration retains the sole and exclusive authority to establish such criteria and instrument. In the event the District changes the criteria for evaluation after the start of the school year, the evaluation criteria that were in effect at the beginning of the school year will remain in effect until the new school year begins.
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