Menu Sample Clauses

Menu. All requested food items are mentioned in Attachment #1 of this Contract (“Menu”). This shall include all requests made by the Client and will be finalized no sooner than [#] days prior to the Event. If any changes are made that increase the costs to the Caterer, the Total Fee shall be reflected in this Contract. 5.
Menu. The Food Vendor shall with this signed agreement, submit menu items and prices, stated in cash terms, to Rotary on the Vendor Information Schedule attached hereto for its approval. NO BEVERAGES WILL BE SOLD BY the Food Vendor, except as expressly stated in this Agreement. While Rotary does not guarantee exclusivity for menu items, the criteria for the Event strongly encourages diversity of Food Vendors and their menu items. Menu items and prices will be limited to those accepted by Rotary in writing. The Vendor may not change menu items or prices after August 15, 2019, without Rotary’s written consent. All prices must be rounded to the nearest dollar (example: $3.00, not $2.97).
Menu. There are five main menus, appearing at the top of the screen: [File], [Edit], [View Mode], [Settings], and [Help]. 8 File Add files into WorldocScan X in two ways: Load Scanned Images and Load Image Files. (WorldocScan Pro Scanner) (WorldocScan 410 Scanner) Load Files From Scanner(Pro) Load images WorldocScan Pro Scanner to WorldocScan X. Scan Files (410) Scan files with WorldocScan 410 scanner. Import Files Load images in hard drives to WorldocScan X. Print Print the selected file. Exit Close WorldocScan X.
Menu. 5.1 Client will, choose from Caterer's available options however menus can be tailored to suit clients needs. Menus provided in separate document.
Menu. Concessionaire shall employ attractive merchandising enticing customers to purchase food, beverages and ancillary retail products. Concessionaire shall develop and implement creative and effective merchandising means within each Unit, including without limitation, food and beverage displays; ancillary retail merchandise displays; display cases; promotional displays; attractive packaging; menu boards or table­ top menus; and pictures of food, beverage and ancillary retail merchandise. Concessionaire’s menus shall contain all information required by and shall otherwise comply with all applicable Laws.
Menu. 4.1 The Center will offer the User any and all items that are currently on the Clubhouse menu or on the catering menu offered by Xxxxxxxx’x Restaurant.
Menu. 4.1 Menu will be fixed, and no changes may be made after XXXXXX, 0000.
Menu. Click Menu button to select [Setting], [Edit Phrase], [Learning Tool], [Export/ Import handwriting data], [User Manaul], and [About] .
Menu. The main menu is accessed by pressing the ‘MENU’ key (F1). On top in the display the current location in the menu structure is shown. Some of the functions in the menu structure are for optional functionality of the instruments. Therefore it is possible the TRAQC-8 DPC included with this manual has less functions than explained in this user manual. Main Menu pressure setup electric input A setup electric input B setup electric output A setup electric output B setup instrument configuration memory functions advanced options Pressure range mA input Under development pressure xmtr mode Under development backlight setup list by tagnr. Set rtc time Pressure unit mA + Xmtr supply xmtr mode settings select language list by serialnr. Set rtc date Averaging on/off V input mA source output date/time display view definitions Set recall date averaging setup Resistance input mA simulator output show settings Erase data memory resolution setup RTD input current output settings factory defaults Show instrument data conversion table Switch test voltage output Set IP address Adjust instrument inputs Set customer unit XMTR power setup voltage output settings Change PIN code Adjust instrument output absolute mode switch test setup auto span check mode Booster on pressure Show calibration factors Xxxx resistor Ramp mode Booster on differential mA/V scaling Set mA/V scaling