Menu Sample Clauses

Menu. The MSGR patrons are a diverse group: Americans who have traveled extensively and been exposed to many cultures as well as those who prefer their own regional cuisines in the U.S.; and individuals who have dietary restrictions for health, cultural or religious reasons. Trying to please everyone all the time is labor intensive, expensive, and a near impossible task. But making the small steps will be appreciated. The Contractor will develop a 20-day menu cycle, offering a variety of food selections for each meal and on a weekly basis, based upon acceptability ratings, availability of food items, and food preparation limitations, as well as cost of operations. The menu shall consist of a variety of quality prepared foods that meet business and industry standards, complying with the current and subsequent revisions of Dietary Guidelines for Americans ( offering menu alternatives that are low in total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugar; no trans fats; lean meats; low-fat dairy products; a variety of vegetables, fruits and grain products; and vegetarian selections. The quality and appearance of the food shall be consistent with approved food service industry standards for comparable “business and industry” dining facilities. The menu should incorporate local/regional cuisine, American and international dishes. There should be at least one healthy option with each meal. A wide selection of beverages, hot and cold and appropriate to the meal, should be available. Full use of leftovers can also extend the selection if items are stored and labeled in accordance with food safety standards. Special meals (e.g. Mexican night, Italian supper, Asian stir-fry luncheon) are also possible introductions. A suitable selection for any identified vegetarian diners or any other dietary issues shall be on the menu daily as well.
Menu. The Food Vendor shall, by August 15, 2018, submit menu items and prices, stated in cash terms, to Lake Area Rotary on the Vendor Information Schedule attached hereto for its approval. No beverages will be sold by the Food Vendor, except as expressly stated in this Agreement. While Lake Area Rotary does not guarantee exclusivity for menu items, the criteria for the Event strongly encourages diversity of Food Vendors and their menu items. Menu items and prices will be limited to those accepted by Lake Area Rotary in writing. The Vendor may not change menu items or prices after August 1, 2018 without Lake Area Rotary’s written consent. All prices must be rounded to the nearest dollar (example: $3.00, not $2.97).
Menu key and the function menu appears on the right side of the screen.
Menu. 5.1 Client will, choose from Caterer's available options however menus can be tailored to suit clients needs. Menus provided in separate document.
Menu. Bulk Patient Search.The Bulk Patient Search page is displayed.
Menu. Default PMPi States.The Default InterConnect PMPs page is displayed.
Menu. What food and beverages will be prepared, served or sold? List all food and beverages.
Menu. Concessionaire shall employ attractive merchandising enticing customers to purchase food, beverages and ancillary retail products. Concessionaire shall develop and implement creative and effective merchandising means within each Unit, including without limitation, food and beverage displays; ancillary retail merchandise displays; display cases; promotional displays; attractive packaging; menu boards or table­ top menus; and pictures of food, beverage and ancillary retail merchandise. Concessionaire’s menus shall contain all information required by and shall otherwise comply with all applicable Laws.