MBE Sample Clauses

MBE. The City of Lubbock hereby notifies all bidders that in regard to any contract entered into pursuant to this request, minority and women business enterprises will be afforded equal opportunities to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, sex or natural origin in consideration for an award.
MBE. This Contract is entered into by the County and Consultant pursuant to the minority business enterprise procurement goals under Section 287.09, F.S. (as amended).

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  • SDBE The Contractor shall comply with all applicable provisions of Article III of Chapter 18 of the Durham City Code (Equal Business Opportunities Ordinance), as amended from time to time. The failure of the Contractor to comply with that article shall be a material breach of contract which may result in the rescission or termination of this contract and/or other appropriate remedies in accordance with the provisions of that article, this contract, and State law. The Participation Plan submitted in accordance with that article is binding on the Contractor. Section 18-59(f) of that article provides, in part, “If the City Manager determines that the Contractor has failed to comply with the provisions of the Contract, the City Manager shall notify the Contractor in writing of the deficiencies. The Contractor shall have 14 days, or such time as specified in the Contract, to cure the deficiencies or establish that there are no deficiencies.” It is stipulated and agreed that those two quoted sentences apply only to the Contractor’s alleged violations of its obligations under Article III of Chapter 18 and not to the Contractor’s alleged violations of other obligations.

  • Medi Cal PII is information directly obtained in the course of performing an administrative function on behalf of Medi-Cal, such as determining Medi-Cal eligibility or conducting IHSS operations, that can be used alone, or in conjunction with any other information, to identify a specific individual. PII includes any information that can be used to search for or identify individuals, or can be used to access their files, such as name, social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number or identification number. PII may be electronic or paper. AGREEMENTS

  • Women s or girls' slips and petticoats, of other textile materials, not knitted or crocheted

  • Orthodontics We Cover orthodontics used to help restore oral structures to health and function and to treat serious medical conditions such as: cleft palate and cleft lip; maxillary/mandibular micrognathia (underdeveloped upper or lower jaw); extreme mandibular prognathism; severe asymmetry (craniofacial anomalies); ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint; and other significant skeletal dysplasias. Procedures include but are not limited to: • Rapid Palatal Expansion (RPE); • Placement of component parts (e.g. brackets, bands); • Interceptive orthodontic treatment; • Comprehensive orthodontic treatment (during which orthodontic appliances are placed for active treatment and periodically adjusted); • Removable appliance therapy; and • Orthodontic retention (removal of appliances, construction and placement of retainers).

  • Prosthodontics We Cover prosthodontic services as follows: • Removable complete or partial dentures, for Members 15 years of age and above, including six (6) months follow-up care; • Additional services including insertion of identification slips, repairs, relines and rebases and treatment of cleft palate; and • Interim prosthesis for Members five (5) to 15 years of age. We do not Cover implants or implant related services. Fixed bridges are not Covered unless they are required: • For replacement of a single upper anterior (central/lateral incisor or cuspid) in a patient with an otherwise full complement of natural, functional and/or restored teeth; • For cleft palate stabilization; or • Due to the presence of any neurologic or physiologic condition that would preclude the placement of a removable prosthesis, as demonstrated by medical documentation.

  • Outreach The University of Plymouth will build upon its established and wide ranging outreach programme which offers both breadth and depth within established and long term relationships with target institutions, target cohort groups, and individuals. The new Plymouth Access Scheme is a new scheme that will build upon the best from Aimhigher, together with evidence secured from extensive institutional outreach practice. The scheme will employ the most impactful range of activities to raise aspiration, achievement and maximise the progression of learners. It will operate effective targeting strategies and include a range of new work to respond to the 2012 environment. The design of the new scheme is the result of an in depth review of past practice and current needs, and will involve additional investment by the University in the transitional year 2011-12 in order to secure key elements, i.e. partnership agreements, tighter progression arrangements for the target learners involved and robust monitoring and evaluation processes. The interconnection of targeted outreach and retention and associated arrangements for monitoring, tracking and evaluation will be a particular focus of the new scheme. The University will work with a range of partners and target institutions to deliver on the key features of the Plymouth Access Scheme that include: long term sustainable outreach activities to raise aspirations, awareness and achievement for its key target groups outreach that targets : o learners from low income backgrounds (Plymouth Access for Schools and College Learners) o those returning to education (Plymouth Access for Returners) o disabled people (Plymouth Access for Disabled Learners) o children in care/care leavers (Plymouth Access for Looked After Young People) o black and minority ethnic groups (Plymouth Access for Minority Groups) progression arrangements informed by contextual data a range of transitional programmes to support learners pre-entry, on application, post application and within induction (as detailed below) a range of specific and targeted support measures to maximise retention, achievement and enhance employability (as detailed below) The new scheme will work with approximately 32,000 people in 2012-13 reaching an estimated 35,000 in 2016-17. The University in 2011-12 will continue to explore contributing to a network of HEIs and HE providers in the area to develop approaches to collaborative work for post 2012.

  • Distance Education 7.13.1 Expanding student access, not increasing productivity or enrollment, shall be the primary determining factor when a decision is made to schedule a distance education course. There will be no reduction in force of faculty (as defined in Article XXIII of this Agreement) as a result of the District’s participation in distance education.

  • Program Management 1.1.01 Implement and operate an Immunization Program as a Responsible Entity

  • SHOP XXXXXXX (a) The Union may elect or appoint a Shop Xxxxxxx or Shop Stewards to represent the employees and the Union shall notify the Company as to the name or names of such Shop Xxxxxxx or Shop Stewards. The Company agrees that no Shop Xxxxxxx shall suffer any discrimination by reason of holding such office.

  • Excellence excellence is the result of always striving to do better. This is represented by constant improvements to the way in which we deliver our services, which results in a high performing health service. • Respect – we demonstrate respect through our actions and behaviours. By showing each other respect, in turn we earn respect. • Integrity – integrity is doing the right thing, knowing it is what we do when people aren’t looking that is a true reflection of who we are. • Collaboration – collaboration represents working together in partnership to achieve sustainable health care outcomes for our community with a shared understanding of our priorities. • Accountability – together we have a shared responsibility for ensuring the best health care outcomes for our community. This is a reminder that it is not only our actions, but also the actions we do not do, for which we are accountable. Brief Summary of Duties (in order of importance)