Manuals and Documentation Sample Clauses

Manuals and Documentation. 12.1 Supplier shall provide, on or before the installation date for Product and at no additional charge, an updated CD Rom covering the installation, maintenance and operation of the Equipment and Software for every Spotlight ordered. Supplier shall provide all future updates of such CD Rom at Supplier's then published rates.
Manuals and Documentation. SonoSight shall be responsible for any and all manuals and documentation for the Products.
Manuals and Documentation. 10 13. WARRANTIES........................................................ 11 14. BENCHMARK TESTING, PRODUCT AND SOFTWARE TRIAL..................... 12 15.
Manuals and Documentation. Distributor may not post any photos, scans or other versions of Product manuals or other documentation related to the Products without the prior written consent of OxySure®.
Manuals and Documentation. During the Term of this Agreement, Seller shall provide to Buyer, at no additional cost, up to twelve (12) paper copies, and reasonably unlimited electronic copies, of Seller’s documentation upon request from Buyer.
Manuals and Documentation. 17.1 “Airspan Procedures” will consist of documents which describe in detail the engineering, installation, commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting and operation of Product(s). The Airspan Procedures shall be provided in the English language. Airspan shall provide the Airspan Procedures in Spanish if so published. Airspan shall ship electronic documentation containing the applicable Airspan Procedures to Axtel with the initial delivery of a system release to Axtel. During the Term, Airspan shall, at no additional charge to Axtel, deliver to Axtel, one set of electronic files with updates, revisions and/or corrections of such Airspan Procedures as they become available. Axtel may order additional copies of the Airspan Procedures at Airspan’s then applicable prices. Axtel may use and reproduce the Airspan Procedures in paper format for the purposes of engineering, installing, commissioning, maintaining, troubleshooting and operating the Products, subject to the limitations regarding Information set forth in Section 10. Reproduction shall include the copyright or similar proprietary notices. Axtel is responsible for ensuring proper versions of the Airspan Procedures are printed and distributed.
Manuals and Documentation. 16.1 Supplier shall provide at no additional charge, one (1) complete paper set and one (1) complete electronic set of current manuals and Documentation for each type of Purchases purchased by Customer to: as specified by Customer.
Manuals and Documentation. Manuals and documentation for the System will be provided online. A copy may be printed and duplicated for Customer’s internal use only so long as all copies clearly include all proprietary notices included in the online manual and documentation.
Manuals and Documentation. To the extent Visteon and VGTI possess Manuals and Documentation related to the Contributed Visteon Software and the Contributed Third Party Software, Visteon and VGTI shall provide such Manuals and Documentation to the Company.