Lifetime Sample Clauses

Lifetime. The JOC shall exist during the Agreement Term.
Lifetime. The JRC shall exist during the Research Terms.
Lifetime. The JRC shall exist for so long as work is being conducted under a Research Plan in accordance with this Agreement. The JDC shall exist for so long as a Product or Licensed Product remains in clinical development under a Development Plan. The lifetime of any other committee established pursuant to Section 8.14 will be agreed to by the Parties at the time of inception.
Lifetime. The JRC shall exist until the [***]. Thereafter, Roche shall provide Pieris annual reports describing in reasonable detail the development and commercialization progress of the Product(s), including [***] in Roche’s opinion (these include activities related to milestone achievements under this Agreement).
Lifetime. The JFT shall exist during the period of time in which at least one (1) Jointly Funded Product/Indication is being Developed or Commercialized, subject to Section 4.8 of the body of this Agreement. [*] Certain information in this document has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions.
Lifetime. The JRSC shall exist for so long as the Parties agree to conduct joint research activities during the Term of this Agreement. The JCSC shall exist until the later of (a) the end of the Transition Period, (b) or until the Parties end any joint development activities during the Term of the Agreement, or shall exist until the BLA filing for the appropriate Product is filed, provided however that MedImmune shall be able to request that the JCSC continue in existence if MedImmune believes in good faith that there remains a need to coordinate device-related activities.
Lifetime. The JSC shall end upon the later to occur of (i) the conclusion of all research and development activities to be performed hereunder or (ii) the First Commercial Sale of the first Product in the second Major Country.
Lifetime. The JRT shall exist during the Research Term, subject to Section 4.8.
Lifetime. Except for those Covered Products or related components or materials identified below as having a different warranty period, the warranty period of a Covered Product is as long as the end-user purchaser continues to solely own the Covered Product.