The transition period definition

The transition period means the period between amalgamation day and the date of the declaration of the first elections in 1995 held in accordance with Part VII - Elections.
The transition period means the transition period provided for in Article 126 of the Withdrawal Agreement; and
The transition period means – the period commencing on the Execution Date and ending with the formal or registered transfer of an Item Being Transferred. The Transition Period refers to every Item Being Transferred (which also includes, to dispel any doubt, Agreements Being Transferred), whose formal or registered transfer (“the Formal Transfer”) to Scailex by third parties, including authorities, was not completed by and on the Execution Date. It is hereby emphasized that the parties shall try to perform the majority of the actions required in order to complete the Formal Transfer of all of the Items Being Transferred by the Execution Date, in order to minimize, to the extent possible, the activity and the fiduciary relations during the Transition Period, unless the parties shall agree that, due to commercial or other considerations, it would be preferable not to perform the Formal Transfer.

Examples of The transition period in a sentence

  • The Transition Period for each Transition Service may be extended for such additional periods as may be mutually agreed by the parties hereto.

  • The Transition Period applicable to Dial-Up Access Services shall be equal to three months for each [*Material Omitted and Separately Filed Under an Application for Confidential Treatment] Dial-Up Access Ports existing as of the effective date of expiration, termination or cancellation (but in no event shorter than 12 months).

  • The Transition Period may apply only to an Executive Officer that was employed by, or provided services to, the Company for at least five (5) years and that was not terminated for “cause” or under circumstances justifying, according to the Authorized Organs’ judgment, revocation of the Executive Officer’s severance rights.

  • The Transition Period may be extended upon mutual written agreement between the Company and Executive.

  • The Transition Period shall be determined based on the following considerations: the period of service or employment of the Executive Officer, the conditions of his term or employment during this period; Company’s performance during such period, the Executive Officer’s contribution to the achievement of Company’s objectives and performance and the particular circumstances of the termination of employment or service.

  • The Transition Period Sublease, if applicable, in form and substance attached as Exhibit E (the “Transition Period Sublease”).

  • The Transition Period and the Chairmanship Period shall terminate immediately upon the Disability of the Chairman.

  • The Transition Period may be terminated (i) by the Company for “Cause” (as defined below), or (ii) voluntarily by Executive at any time.

  • The Transition Period with respect to any CVC Plan may be extended if requested by AMC on written notice delivered at least 90 days prior to the Transition Period End Date and consented to by CVC, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.

  • The Transition Period Services Providers shall remain employed by Scripps or Journal but provide services to Newco through the Transition Services Agreement.

Related to The transition period

  • Transition Period means the period beginning with the Registration Date and ending as of the earlier of: (i) the date of the first annual meeting of stockholders of the Company at which directors are to be elected that occurs after the close of the third calendar year following the calendar year in which the Registration Date occurs; and (ii) the expiration of the “reliance period” under Treasury Regulation Section 1.162-27(f)(2).

  • Contract Transition Period means the 90 day transition as defined in Section F of this Contract.

  • Transition Date means the date on which this contract comes into effect for all purposes. Schedule 1 (Contract Particulars)

  • transitional period means the period of time beginning on the

  • Operation Period means the period commencing from COD and ending on the Transfer Date;

  • Start-up Period means up to 7 Academy Financial Years and covers the period up to and including the first Academy Financial Year in which all age groups are present at the Academy (that is, all the pupil cohorts relevant to the age range of the Academy will have some pupils present).

  • Termination Period means the period of time beginning with a Change in Control and ending on the earlier to occur of:

  • Non-Competition Period means the period the Executive is employed by the Company plus one (1) year from the Termination Date if the Executive's employment is terminated (i) by the Company for any reason, (ii) by the Executive for any reason, or (iii) by reason of either the Company's or the Executive's decision not to extend the term of this Agreement as contemplated by Section 1 hereof.

  • Retention Period means the minimum time that must pass after the creation, recording, or receipt of a record, or the fulfillment of certain actions associated with a record, before it is eligible for destruction.

  • Consultation Period means the period of sixty (60) days or such other longer period as the Parties may agree, commencing from the date of issuance of a Developer Preliminary Default Notice or ESCOM Preliminary Default Notice as provided in Article 16 of this Agreement, for consultation between the Parties to mitigate the consequence of the relevant event having regard to all the circumstances.

  • Remediation Period has the meaning specified in Section 8.2(a);

  • Completion Period means the period starting from the date of issue of "Order" and required to complete the work in all respect.

  • Ramp Period The Ramp Period shall begin on the Effective Date and continue for a period of 3 months following the Effective Date. Commencing with the Effective Date and at all times during the Ramp Period thereafter, Customer will receive the rates, discounts, charges and credits set forth herein and will not be subject to the AVC. Annual Volume Commitment (“AVC”): $360,000 in Total Service Charges (“AVC”) during each contract year of the Term (following the expiration of the Ramp Period).

  • Acquisition Period means any period commencing on the date that a Material Acquisition is consummated through and including the last day of the second full fiscal quarter following the date on which such acquisition is consummated; provided that there shall be at least one full fiscal quarter between any two Acquisition Periods.

  • Service Transfer Date means the date of a Service Transfer;

  • Service Termination Date means the last Day in a month upon which Service shall terminate, as set forth in a Schedule of Service and subject to any renewal thereof.

  • Negotiation Period has the meaning given in Clause 5.10;

  • Production Period is the period that for winter cereal advances commences October 1, 2021 and terminates September 30, 2023; for advances on all other field crops, honey, hogs, goats, sheep and lambs commences April 1, 2022 and terminates September 30, 2023; and for advances on cattle, continuous flow cattle, and bison commences on April 1, 2022 and terminates on March 31, 2024.

  • Post-Termination Period means the twelve (12) month period beginning on the Termination Date.

  • Initial Termination Date has the meaning set forth in Section 8.2(a).

  • Elimination Period means the period of 6 months beginning on the date You become Disabled.

  • Agreement Termination Date is defined in Section 7.4.

  • Delivery Period Termination Date Has the meaning specified in the Related Pass Through Trust Supplement.

  • Evaluation Period bears the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 7.4(d)(i);

  • the transfer date means 1 September 1989;