LAYERS Sample Clauses

LAYERS. 1. Pullets shall be obtained from SE-monitored negative breeder flocks. All pullets placed in layer houses shall have a negative environmental (PS2) test at time of placement (tested at 14-16 weeks of age). If the PS2 is not done and the status is unknown, or if the test is SE-positive, the destination house will be considered SE-positive and the manure in the destination house must be cultured 7-14 days after placement of the pullets (LY5). This includes pullets originating from other states. If the LY5 is SE-positive, the flock owner shall pay non-PEQAP in-state testing fees for the egg testing of the four sets of eggs submitted bi-weekly. If all four sets of eggs are negative, the flock is considered to be back in compliance (unless an inspection is failed) and the owner will be charged the PA PEQAP participant fee for the quarterly testing for the life of the flock per the current PADLS fee schedule. If any of the egg sets tests SE-positive, the owner must pay non-PEQAP in-state testing fees for the rest of the egg testing for the life of the flock. If the LY5 is negative, the flock owner will be charged the PA PEQAP participant fee for testing to maintain participation in the program.

Related to LAYERS

  • Safety Glasses Section 1. The City shall supply prescription safety glasses with plastic lenses to employees who are required to wear safety glasses and who are members of the classifications contained in Appendix C to this contract. Safety glasses which are authorized must be industrial grade safety glasses which meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI Specification Z87.1. All employees who are required to wear safety glasses shall also be required to wear side xxxxxxx, either permanent or snap-on, whenever an eye hazard exists. Solid tinted glasses will not be approved unless required by prescription. Photogray, progressive, scratch coating and/or anti-glare lenses may be considered for those employees who primarily work outdoors or as prescribed. In the event that additional classes are identified as needing either prescription safety glasses or protective eyewear, such classes may be added to the classification list in Appendix C upon approval of PAGE and the City.

  • Elements Defines the individual components under each indicator

  • Devices BNY Mellon will restrict the transfer of Customer Data from its network to mass storage devices. BNY Mellon will use a mobile device management system or equivalent tool when mobile computing is used to provide the services. Applications on such authenticated devices will be housed within an encrypted container and BNY Mellon will maintain the ability to remote wipe the contents of the container.

  • GLASS The Tenant shall maintain the glass part of the demised premises, promptly replacing any breakage and fully saving the Landlord harmless from any loss, cost or damage resulting from such breakage or the replacement thereof.

  • Population The Population shall be defined as all Paid Claims during the 12-month period covered by the Claims Review.

  • Dimensions Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field. Or equivalent work experience. Experience: A minimum of 10 years of IT (including Web/Internet, database applications and data warehousing) and business/industry work experience, with at least 3 years of leadership experience in managing multiple, large, cross-functional teams or project, and influencing senior level management and key stakeholders.

  • Noise The Hirer shall ensure that the minimum of noise is made on arrival and departure, particularly late at night and early in the morning. The Hirer shall, if using sound amplification equipment, make use of any noise limitation device provided at the premises and comply with any other licensing condition for the premises.

  • Switching All of the negotiated rates, terms and conditions set forth in this Section pertain to the provision of local and tandem switching.

  • Insulation Insulation installed in the Property shall be as follows:

  • Drivers Drivers must meet the following minimum standards: • Must be legally licensed and certified, as appropriate, for the vehicle being operated. • Drivers operating buses shall have a valid Class B license with a P endorsement as well as maintain a valid medical certificate and any other licenses or certificates required by applicable federal, State, or local regulations. • Drivers operating taxicabs must be certified through OCTAP. • Must be in good standing with the DMV and not have more than two (2) moving violations within the thirty-six (36) month period preceding operation of the SNEMT service. • Drivers cannot have a Motor Vehicle Record that contains any two point violation; or has outstanding failure to appear or failure to pay violations. • Must be able to speak, understand, and read English. • Drivers are required to treat all passengers with respect and courtesy.