Devices Sample Clauses

Devices. BNY Mellon will restrict the transfer of Customer Data from its network to mass storage devices. BNY Mellon will use a mobile device management system or equivalent tool when mobile computing is used to provide the services. Applications on such authenticated devices will be housed within an encrypted container and BNY Mellon will maintain the ability to remote wipe the contents of the container.
Devices. Provide the number of personal user computers, devices, and drives (including mobile devices, laptops, USB drives, and external drives) on which your business stores or will store Texas HHS Confidential Information.
Devices. Number of personal user computers, devices or drives, including mobile devices and mobile drives.
Devices. 2.6.1 Company encourages you to use Your Device in providing the Transportation Services. Otherwise, Company will supply you upon request with Company Devices and provide the necessary wireless data plan for such Devices, provided that Company will require reimbursement from you for the costs associated with the wireless data plan of each Company Device and/or request a deposit for each Company Device. You agree that: (a) Company Devices may only be used for the purpose of enabling your access to the Uber Services; and (b) Company Devices may not be transferred, loaned, sold or otherwise provided in any manner to any party other than you. Company Devices shall at all times remain the property of Company, and upon termination of this Agreement or your termination or deactivation, you agree to return to Company the applicable Company Devices within ten (10) days. You agree that failure to timely return any Company Devices, or damage to Company Devices outside of “normal wear and tear,” will result in the forfeiture of related deposits.
Devices. The Customer acknowledges that the Device becomes the property of the Customer. The Customer agrees to inform the Service Provider immediately in the event that any Device is stolen or lost and the Service Provider shall at the Customer’s request suspend the relevant Account as soon as practicable for a maximum period of thirty (30) days. The Customer acknowledges that the Service Provider will charge for the replacement of any Device.
Devices. Pursuant to this Agreement, Licensed Data usage shall be carried out via Devices that are subject to BMEMD’s prior authorisation. Their functional descriptions and technical specifications shall have been submitted to BMEMD, and so indicated in the Particular Conditions Section of this Agreement. These Devices shall ensure that the Contracting Party and/or, where appropriate, the corresponding Beneficiary Companies, maintain at all times effective electronic control over all the users’ access to the Licensed Data. The Contracting Party shall be the sole responsible for the referred Devices for all issues concerning this Agreement.
Devices. 1. For the purposes of performance under the Agreement, ATM may enable the Customer to use devices constituting ATM property (property for the purposes of these Regulations shall mean any other legal claim entitling ATM to a specific scope of using the devices).
Devices. The Product(s) may be compatible with or require use of a device (“Device”). Compatible Devices are specified in the applicable Documentation. Trimble makes no warranties regarding the operation of any Device or continued compatibility of the Product(s) with any such Device. You are solely responsible for the configuration and operation of your Device. The results obtained through a Product may be affected by, and Trimble will have no liability for, the compatibility, placement, configuration or operation of your Device, weather or other environmental conditions, color or composition of materials being scanned, or other factors outside of Xxxxxxx’x control.
Devices. All Devices purchased from Rogers are covered by the hardware manufacturer’s original warranty. Upon request, the Rogers sales team will provide you with up-to-date warranty information for the hardware. The risk of loss or damage to any Device shall pass to you upon receipt at your premises. Title to any Device purchased outright from Rogers or subsidized via Rogers’ device subsidy program shall pass to you upon receipt at your premises. Title to any Device purchased through a financing program will remain with Rogers and shall only pass to you following full payment for the Device. You acknowledge that rights in respect of trademarks, trade names, copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights connected with the Devices do not pass to you.
Devices. For the purpose of this Service Description, Communications shall have the meaning provided in the Master Agreement and shall include Communications to Bank in connection with the Online Banking Service. For the purpose of this Service Description, Security Devices shall have the meaning provided in the Master Agreement and shall include but not be limited to any Security Devices used to access Accounts and to use the Online Banking Services. Bank may offer to Client or require Client to use additional authentication tools or methods from time to time (for example, dual authentication, challenge questions and phrases for employees). If Client chooses not to implement supplemental authentication tools, Client’s access to some or all Online Banking Services may be limited. The term “Security Devices” will include any supplemental authentication tools that are made available by Bank and used by Client. Client has the responsibility of ensuring that Client has the current security patches installed and configured, Client maintains up-to-date virus detection program(s), and that Client regularly scans for the existence of malware and spyware and takes appropriate action if found. Client expressly acknowledges that encryption of data transmissions does not guarantee privacy. Data transferred via the Online Banking Service is encrypted in an effort to provide transmission security. Notwithstanding Bank’s efforts to insure that the Online Banking Services are secure, Client acknowledges that the Internet is inherently insecure. Bank cannot and does not warrant that all data transfers utilizing the Online Banking Services will not be monitored or read by others. TEMPL ATES Depending on the Online Banking Service requested, Client may be assigned a free-form Service template to initiate Communications, including transfer and other requests. Client may also be granted rights and permissions to create predefined Service templates to use for repetitive or recurring Communications. If Bank authorizes Client’s use of Service template(s) with maintenance authority, the designated Administrator may create Service templates through the Online Banking Service and assign such templates to other Client Users. In the event Client is not assigned free-form Service templates or Service template maintenance authority, Client’s use of the underlying Service will be subject to the Online Banking Service requirements, as applicable. Access to Service templates or Service template mai...