Public employment definition

Public employment means the following:
Public employment means employment by a State, county, or municipal agency, but shall not include elected office, or employment in law enforcement, corrections, the judiciary, in a position related to homeland security or emergency management, or any position that has access to sensitive information that could threaten the public health, welfare, or safety.
Public employment means employment by a State, county, or municipal agency, but shall not include:

Examples of Public employment in a sentence

  • SUBCHAPTER II EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS106.09 Public employment offices.

  • Public employment services played a very limited role until recently, but they have been gradually strengthened following the establishment of the State Employment Support Agency in 2019.

  • As a result of our key stage 3 curriculum review, the school has introduced a new programme for periods 6&7 on Friday afternoons which is designed to widen students’ interests and involvement and is linked to the new Elizabethan Award.

  • Public employment is generally subject to legislative oversight; and, in many instances, public sector employees have been somewhat freer to organize and to bargain — if not over wages, then over conditions of employment — in the absence of the opposition that some private sector employers appear to have for any form of trade union organization.

  • Public employment Over the medium-term, R76 billion is allocated for job creation programmes.

More Definitions of Public employment

Public employment means a position held
Public employment means employment for which remuneration is paid from expenditure of a department.
Public employment means employment by the government of this state, or by any county, municipality or other political subdivision of the state, including any department or agency thereof.
Public employment means employment of a public employee by a public employer;
Public employment means paid temporary employment which is created through the implementation of state-funded projects or activities associated with socio-economic development programs in communes, wards or townships (below referred to as communes).
Public employment means the temporary wage employment created by state-funded projects or activities in association with socio-economic development programs in the communes, districts, towns (referred to as the commune level).
Public employment means employment by any public employer.