Landscape Plan Sample Clauses

Landscape Plan. 3.6.2 Prior to the issuance of a Development Permit, the Developer agrees to provide a Landscape Plan which complies with the provisions of this section and generally conforms with the overall intentions of the Preliminary Landscape Plan shown on Schedule B. The Landscape Plan shall be prepared by a Landscape Architect (a full member, in good standing with Canadian Society of Landscape Architects) and comply with all provisions of this section.
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Landscape Plan. Prior to issuance by the City of any grading permit for the Property, Developer shall submit to the City Planner and obtain the City Planner’s written approval of a final landscape plan, which plan shall be consistent with Exhibit H of this Development Agreement. The landscape plan shall be coordinated with the grading plan. The landscape plan shall include at a minimum the following:
Landscape Plan allowing for the integration of existing vegetation into areas where landscaping is required. Also, staff and the applicant have identified minor housekeeping amendments such as typos and duplicate information that are be corrected.
Landscape Plan. Landlord shall install and maintain landscaping around the Building pursuant to a landscape plan to be agreed upon by Landlord and Tenant. Landlord’s share of the cost of such landscaping above Landlord’s Base Building Cost Component shall not exceed One Hundred Thousand and No/100 Dollars ($100,000.00).
Landscape Plan. The Company agrees prior to the Commencement Date to provide landscaping of the Landfill in the vicinity of Hommanville Trail that will include soil berms and plants..
Landscape Plan. The Landscape Plan which is part of the PD Plan attached hereto as Exhibit D identifies the landscaping to be installed within the Project.
Landscape Plan. Sheet will indicate any tree or shrub planting/removal locations and species callouts including plant schedule.
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Landscape Plan. Responsibility: POWER Deliverable(s): • Landscape Plan If required prepare a Landscape Plan for the substation to provide visual shielding from potential development in the vicinity of the substation. Utilize natural contours and vegetation to the extent possible. New landscaping required will consist of berms and native vegetation. Show location and dimensions of berms, location and type of trees, shrubs and other vegetation required. Incorporate a drawing-specific legend and notes. Assumption(s): • The 138kV Canal Transmission project is awarded to PEI. • All landscape design is included in the 138kV Canal Transmission project.
Landscape Plan. CFS will coordinate a planting plan illustrating the types, quantities and locations of all proposed plant materials to be submitted with the construction documents. This plan will include trees, shrubs, groundcover, sod, seed, mulch areas, edging and details. This plan will facilitate bidding and installation of landscape materials.
Landscape Plan. Attached hereto as Exhibit H is Developer’s landscape plan. Developer shall submit a more detailed landscape plan that is approved by the City Planner.
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