Label Sample Clauses

Label. All employees as individuals who work under the terms of this Agreement reserves the right to recognize the existence of or non-existence of the label of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America on all materials, supplies and equipment which they install or erect.
Label hazardous substances regarding the potential hazard (corrosive, radioactive, flammable, explosive, poisonous).
Label. Labeled, or Labeling
Label. Figure 1】 【 Figure 2】 Outside Box K2 K1 G2M T1 〔3〕 Box size and reels 〔4〕 An outer case packing structure (the sectional plan) Label Corner bottom polyethylene bag. Reel Packing Corner bottom Polyethylene bag Carton case 〔5〕 Storage quantity 【 Figure 3】 ・It makes N=3,000 pieces/Lot 〔6〕 Sample of the label display (display department, please refer to 【Figure 1 】【 Figure 2】 ) Product bar code Item bar code * Quantity Lot. No. bar code 3,000 XXXX PART SSP-T7-F Lot No. Quantity 3,000 pcs Calibre 32.768kHz 7.0pF/±20×10-6 Remarks PART : Our company product name Lot No. : Lot No. display Quantity : Quantity Calibre : Frequency, CL value, F0 deviation Remarks: Marking etc. * : Item code 〔7〕 Storage environment A product avoids the direct ray and please store with the normal temperature and humidity .
Label. To the extent permitted by applicable law, regulation or the Regulatory Authority having jurisdiction, Chiron shall identify Cubist as the licensor of the Cubist Marks applied to Licensed Products on the vial label, package insert, outside of the packaging and advertising materials for such Licensed Product in each country of the Territory in a manner approved in advance in writing by Cubist, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Chiron shall also comply with the patent marking provisions of Section 8.8 hereof.
Label. As used in this Agreement, the term “label” or “QAP label” refers to an affix able label on a QAP dealer modified vehicle that contains the NMEDA and QAP administrator names, trademarks, and/or logos, and other information, required by or permissible under the QAP. The label shall be in form consistent in Attachment A, which is incorporated herein by reference. A separate label shall be used for each modified vehicle qualified to carry a label under this program. No alteration in the form or content of labels is permitted.
Label. PLACEMENT The placement of the label on the subassembly (part) must be on a flat surface and in a location that will not cosmetically mar the look of the finished DELL product and not on a surface normally used for the attachment of the component. If DELL controls the specification for the subassembly, the placement will be in the location indicated on the DELL assembly drawings. DELL's purchasing agents should be able to answer questions regarding placement, or refer you to the appropriate contacts, such as peripheral development. Note: The location of labels on hard drives intended for notebooks can be critical due to the close tolerances of hard drive bays (See Type D Label).
Label. If such fabrication hinders, delays or prevents the construction of a project, a meeting shall be arranged between the owner, the contractor and the Union to discuss and assess the situation. SPECIAL RATES: 50 to 74 feet .......................................Thirty cents ($0.30) above regular hourly rate 75 to 99 feet Seventy cents ($0.70) above regular hourly rate 100 to 149 feet One dollar twenty cents ($1.20) above regular hourly rate 150 feet & above One and one-half cents (1½¢) per hour above the regular hourly rate per foot above 149 feet SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL: Employees working on the second and third shift shall be paid a shift differential of fifteen percent (15%).
Label. Licensee agrees to cooperate with Licensor and other ------------ licensees of Licensor in developing an appropriate U.P.C. or similar labelling system at such time as Licensor deems necessary or appropriate.
Label. The label shows the product type, rated power, rated current, rated voltage, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, weight, dimensions etc.; Document Installation Manual and User Manual for BYD Project No. \