Judicial Determination Sample Clauses

Judicial Determination. Anything to the contrary herein notwithstanding, in the event of reasonable doubt respecting the proper course of action to be taken, the Custodian may in its sole and absolute discretion resolve such doubt by judicial determination which shall be binding on all parties claiming any interest in the Account. In such event all court costs, legal expenses, reasonable compensation of time expended by the Custodian in the performance of its duties, and other appropriate and pertinent expenses and costs shall be collected by the Custodian from the Custodial Account in accordance with Article IX, Section 19.
Judicial Determination. In connection with a judicial action by or in the right of the Company, in respect of any claim, issue or matter as to which the Indemnitee shall have been adjudged to be liable in the performance of his duty to the Company unless and only to the extent that any court in which such action was brought shall determine upon application that, despite the adjudication of liability but in view of all the circumstances of the case, the Indemnitee is fairly and reasonably entitled to indemnity for such expenses as such court shall deem proper.
Judicial Determination. In the event that (i) a determination is made pursuant to Section 5 or 6 that Indemnitee is not entitled to indemnification under this Agreement, (ii) advancement of Expenses is not timely made pursuant to Section 3 of this Agreement, (iii) Independent Counsel has not made and delivered a written opinion determining the request for indemnification (a) within 90 days after being appointed by the Court, or (b) within 90 days after objections to his selection have been overruled by the Court, or (c) within 90 days after the time for the Company or Indemnitee to object to his selection, or (iv) payment of indemnification is not made within 5 days after a determination of entitlement to indemnification has been made or deemed to have been made pursuant to Section 5, 6 or 7 of this Agreement, Indemnitee shall be entitled to an adjudication in an appropriate court of the State of Delaware, or in any other court of competent jurisdiction, of his entitlement to such indemnification or advancement of Expenses. In the event that a determination shall have been made that Indemnitee is not entitled to indemnification, any judicial proceeding or arbitration commenced pursuant to this Section shall be conducted in all respects as a de novo trial on the merits and Indemnitee shall not be prejudiced by reason of that adverse determination. If a Change of Control shall have occurred, in any judicial proceeding commenced pursuant to this Section, the Company shall have the burden of proving that Indemnitee is not entitled to indemnification or advancement of Expenses, as the case may be. If a The Company shall be precluded from asserting in any judicial proceeding commenced pursuant to this Section 9 that the procedures and presumptions of this Agreement are not valid, binding and enforceable and shall stipulate in any such court that the Company is bound by all provisions of this Agreement. In the event that Indemnitee, pursuant to this Section 9, seeks a judicial adjudication to enforce his rights under, or to recover damages for breach of, this Agreement, Indemnitee shall be entitled to recover from the Company, and shall be indemnified by the Company against, any and all Expenses actually and reasonably incurred by him in such judicial adjudication, but only if he prevails therein. If it shall be determined in such judicial adjudication that Indemnitee is entitled to receive part but not all of the indemnification or advancement of Expenses sought, the Expenses incurred ...
Judicial Determination. With regard to this arbitration provision, the parties intend that the proceeding may be initiated and continue under the guidance of the AAA and the appointed arbitrators without the need for judicial intervention, but, to the extent any party seeks a judicial determination of the meaning of this arbitration provision or seeks to compel, prevent, or limit a pending arbitration, all parties consent to exclusive jurisdiction for any such controversy in any court of competent jurisdiction in San Francisco, California.
Judicial Determination. To indemnify Indemnitee for (i) conduct finally adjudged as constituting active or deliberate dishonesty or willful fraud or illegality, or (ii) conduct finally adjudged as producing an unlawful personal benefit.
Judicial Determination. The Master Trustee shall not, however, be liable for any loss to or diminution of the Fund except to the extent that any such loss or diminution results from act or inaction on the part of the Master Trustee which is judicially determined to be a breach of its fiduciary duties.
Judicial Determination. In the event the Company for any reason considers it improper to direct any payment as specified in this Section 2.1, it may have a court of competent jurisdiction determine to whom payments should be made, in which event all expenses incurred in obtaining such determination may be deducted from the unpaid Plan benefits or charged to the payee. Any such payment shall constitute a complete discharge of all liability of the Company to such Participant under the Plan.
Judicial Determination. The Company and the Shareholders agree that the restrictions set forth in this Article 9 are reasonable in light of the nature of the Partiesbusiness. However, should any court of competent jurisdiction determine that these restrictions are unreasonable, then the Parties agree that the restrictions shall, without further acts of the Parties, be modified or amended to conform to the judgment of the court as to what would be reasonable, with the restrictions of this Article 9 to be limited in accordance with such judgment.
Judicial Determination. All Claims and disputes and other matters in question arising out of or relating to the Contract or the breach thereof, shall be determined by the United States District Court for the judicial district where the Site is located. If the United States District Court for the judicial district where the Site is located lacks subject matter jurisdiction, Claims shall be determined in the state trial court where the Site is located. The existence of any Claim, dispute or legal proceeding shall not relieve Contractor from its obligation to properly perform its Work as set forth in the Contract Documents. Contractor and Owner hereby expressly waive any and all rights to a trial by jury or any Claim, dispute or other matter arising in connection with this Agreement and or the Contract.