Judges Sample Clauses

Judges. 1. Cambodian judges, on the one hand, and judges appointed by the Supreme Council of the Magistracy upon nomination by the Secretary-General of the United Nations (hereinafter: "international judges"), on the other hand, shall serve in each of the two Extraordinary Xxxxxxxx.
Judges. Milken shall select, at its sole and absolute discretion, a panel of independent subject matter experts (“Judges”) to judge the Competition. Milken shall enter into an agreement with each Judge obligating the Judge to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including the Confidentiality provisions in Section 11 and an acknowledgement that he or shall make no claim to Team’s Intellectual Property (as defined in Section 9). Judges will be independent of Milken, Competition Underwriter, and all Teams and Team Members. No Judge, nor any member of Judge’s immediate family, shall participate, nor have any financial or other material interest, in any Team or Team Member. All Judges shall promptly disclose to Milken any such current or former, or expected future conflict of interest with Milken or any Team or Team Member.
Judges. All votes by ballot at any meeting of stockholders shall be conducted by two judges appointed for the purpose either by the directors or by the meeting. The judges shall decide upon the qualifications of voters, count the votes and declare the result.
Judges. Biloxi Municipal Court Judges shall attend training on LFO issues during the initial training period in 2016 and again during the City’s training period in 2017. The training shall address: (i) the standards set forth in Xxxxxxx v. Georgia, 000 X.X. 000 (1983); Xxxxxx x. Xxxxxxxxx, 000 X.X. 000 (1973); and Xxxxxx x. Xxxxxx, 000 X.X. 000 (2011); (ii) the Bench Card and the Biloxi Municipal Court Procedures for LFO Collection and Community Service, and the forms attached thereto; (iii) the impact of LFOs on indigent people; (iv) procedures required for appointing counsel; (v) standards for evaluating the validity of any waiver of the right to counsel; and (vi) considerations regarding the inclusion of LFOs in plea agreements with indigent defendants. Biloxi shall ensure that copies of all training materials are provided to any new judges, and that new judges are trained on these materials prior to imposing or collecting LFOs.
Judges. At every meeting of the stockholders of the Corporation at which a vote by ballot is taken, the polls shall be opened and closed, the proxies and ballots shall be received and taken in charge, and all questions touching the qualifications of voters, the validity of proxies and the acceptance or rejection of votes shall be decided, by two judges. Said judges shall be appointed by the board of directors before the meeting or, if no such appointment shall have been made, by the presiding officer of the meeting. If, for any reason, any of the judges previously appointed fails to attend or refuses or is unable to serve, judges in place of any of them shall be appointed in like manner.
Judges a) EXTENSION has access to a State database of qualified judges. This list will be shared with Superintendents to aid in judge selection. Superintendents are responsible for selecting judges and submitting their information to EXTENSION for record-keeping and FAIR BOARD for payment. (See also Appendix A – Judges)
Judges. If at any meeting of the stockholders a vote by written ballot shall be taken on any question, the chairman of such meeting may appoint a judge or judges to act with respect to such vote. Each judge so appointed shall first subscribe an oath faithfully to execute the duties of a judge at such meeting with strict impartiality and according to the best of his ability. Such judges shall decide upon the qualification of the voters and shall report the number of shares represented at the meeting and entitled to vote on such question, shall conduct and accept the votes, and, when the voting is completed, shall ascertain and report the number of shares voted respectively for and against the question. Reports of judges shall be in writing and subscribed and delivered by them to the Corporate Secretary of the Corporation. The judges need not be stockholders of the Corporation, and any officer of the Corporation may be a judge on any question other than a vote for or against a proposal in which he shall have a material interest.
Judges. Each Nordic country brings 1 National head judge. The country who hosts the competition choose 2 of them as chief judges - one for Youth B & A - one for Juniors & Seniors. Apart from the head judges there should be minimum 1 judge for each problem/route
Judges. The judges… • No one will be allowed to be a Judge if he/she has any demonstrable bias or conflict of interest with respect to any of the Contest Entrants, as determined by the UICA in its sole discretion. Entrants shall disclose in writing to the UICA any such bias or conflict of interest of which they are or become aware and which they believe may have a direct or indirect effect on Contest results, and any Entrant failure to do so may result in disqualification of the Entrant and/or the corresponding Entry • First round of Readings: February 13 & 14, 2019 (by UICA employees, cull pool down to 50 entries using thumbs up/down method; each reading is read by two employees; in case of a tie, third read is given to determine final score) • Second round of Readings: February 18-22, 2019 (by three graduate students, review top 50 entries with goal of culling down to 10 entries; may review all readings from first round) • Final round of Readings: February 25-26, 2019 (by guest judges from the University of Iowa and Iowa City area; rank top ten writings. An updated list of judges will be posted on xxxxxxx.xxx/xxxxx-xxx, which all Entrants are urged to regularly check).
Judges. All Advanced, Senior, and Master Judges are eligible to judge the convention show. If you would like to judge, please complete the online form Judge Volunteer Application or return this form below to: Mail: Xxxx Xxxxxxxx AVSA Shows & Judges Chair 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxx Fairview, TX 75069-0156 Email: xxxxxx@xxxx.xxx These must be postmarked no later than April 29, 2022. If you plan to exhibit in the show, please indicate which classes you plan to enter. Do not serve on entries, classification or placement if you apply to judge. Applications received after April 29, 2022 will be filed and used in the event of cancellations and/or vacancies. If selected to judge, you will be notified of your assignment. Name AVSA Membership # Address Email Address City State Zip Classes entered Type of Judge: Advanced Senior Master AGGS Nat’l Council Experience: Mini/Semis Trailers Species Standards Design Commercial Clerks Student and Advanced Judges are invited to serve as clerks for the convention show. Any vacancies will be filled with AVSA members. This means that AVSA members may apply to serve as clerks; however, judges will be given first preference. Any remaining positions will be filled by AVSA members in the order in which the applications are received. All clerks will receive notification of their assignment. If you would like to clerk, please complete the online form Volunteer to Clerk Application or return this form below to: Mail: Xxxx Xxxxxxxx AVSA Shows & Judges Chair 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxx Fairview, TX 75069-0156 Email: xxxxxx@xxxx.xxx These applications must be postmarked no later than April 29, 2022. Name AVSA Membership # Address Email Address City State Zip Student Judge Advanced Judge Senior Judge Master Judge Not a Judge