Gutters Sample Clauses

Gutters. Install new seamless metal gutters and downspout system. (On the perimeter of the house) Install new splash 24” blocks at downspout to discharge water away from foundation.
Gutters. Seller will repair leaks, except for leaks caused by Buyer’s failure to properly maintain gutter system.
Gutters. Are to be cleaned twice per year at the expense of the Owner.
Gutters. 1. The aluminum used is alloy 3105-H24which meets the specifications set forth in the “Aluminum Standards and Data 1988” published by the Aluminum Association. The gauge of the aluminum for the gutter is .027, plus or minus .002.
Gutters. MATERIAL TYPE and CONDITION Aluminum. The house has 6" gutters and 3x5 downspouts. This is good. CONDITION: Generally satisfactory, should only need cleaning and routine maintenance.
Gutters. The hung type of shape indicated and supported on underside by brackets that permit free thermal movement of the gutter. Provide gutters in sizes indicated complete with mitered corners, end caps, outlets, brackets, and other accessories necessary for installation. Reinforce the outer edge of gutter with a stiffening bar not less than 3/4 by 3/16 inch of material compatible with gutter. Fabricate gutters in sections not less than 8 feet. Lap the sections a minimum of one inch in the direction of flow or provide with concealed splice plate 6 inch minimum. Join the gutters, by riveted and sealed joints. Provide expansion-type slip where shown. Install gutters below slope line of the roof so that snow and ice can slide clear. Support gutters on as indicated. Adjust gutters to slope uniformly to outlets, with high points occurring midway between outlets.
Gutters. Proper guttering should be fixed to all structures; the water from the guttering may be fed into not more than one container. The container must be of sound construction and painted dark green or black. Plastic water butts can be purchased from most garden centres. Number of structures per plot No more than one greenhouse and one shed may be allowed on any plot.
Gutters. The gutter systems are to be checked for any dirt materials, leaves, etc. These items of waste should thus be removed for safe disposal. The parts of the gutters should be cleaned as described in Sections 7-10 above. For additional information with regards to the maintenance and cleaning of the Sarnafil waterproof membrane, which forms the outer surface of the façade storm-water gutters, please refer to the technical information included in Appendix 4 of this o & M Manual. However, we would reiterate the final comment highlighted in this document: Under no circumstances should repairs be attempted using bitumen based products. ATIACHMENT No.5 REQUEST FOR QUOTATION # 1 _ PURCHASE ORDER/VENDOR CONTRACT Terms and Conditions
Gutters. Lessee must keep gutters cleaned each fall or as needed.
Gutters. Repair, replacement, or installation of gutters and above-ground downspouts.