General Xxxxxxx Sample Clauses

General Xxxxxxx. 9B.01 When a general xxxxxxx is appointed by the employer and/or as required by the collective agreement, they will be paid a minimum premium of fifteen percent (15%) of base rate and holiday and vacation allowance.
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General Xxxxxxx a) A General Xxxxxxx will be appointed after sixty (60) Labourers are employed.
General Xxxxxxx. HRA = B Classification Base Dues TxWage H&W Pension 401A HRA Trng ITF L/M RHW RF CTR FringeT Total Pkg B III 63.12 3.08 66.20 11.35 10.54 4.50 1.00 2.60 .10 .05 4.05 .40 .25 34.84 101.04 B IV 61.62 3.08 64.70 11.35 10.54 6.00 1.00 2.60 .10 .05 4.05 .40 .25 36.34 101.04 B V 59.12 3.08 62.20 11.35 10.54 8.50 1.00 2.60 .10 .05 4.05 .40 .25 38.84 101.04 B VI 56.37 3.08 59.45 11.35 10.54 11.25 1.00 2.60 .10 .05 4.05 .40 .25 41.59 101.04 B VII 55.12 3.08 58.20 11.35 10.54 12.50 1.00 2.60 .10 .05 4.05 .40 .25 42.84 101.04
General Xxxxxxx. (a) The General Xxxxxxx classification shall be part of this Agreement. His selection, duties and conduct shall be management's prerogative. However, his selection shall be discussed with the Union.
General Xxxxxxx. There shall be a general xxxxxxx assigned after there are three (3) or more xxxxxxx assigned. His responsibility shall be to coordinate the entire job only.
General Xxxxxxx. The General Xxxxxxx differential shall be twenty percent (20%) above the Utility Worker rate, effective February 1, 2018.
General Xxxxxxx. When the Port of Seattle determines that a General Xxxxxxx is needed for the management of operations, the Utility Worker General Xxxxxxx shall receive a 20% premium above the Utility Worker rate. The General Xxxxxxx may also perform the duties of a Xxxxxxx and a Utility Worker.
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General Xxxxxxx. 26.01 Where a General Xxxxxxx is required then such General Xxxxxxx shall be employed from members of the Union when such qualified men are available. Where qualified men are not available the employer may employ a General Xxxxxxx elsewhere.
General Xxxxxxx. Whenever an employee has the responsibility of supervision of multiple crews and/or multiple shifts, where other system xxxxxxx have been assigned to manage crews, he/she will be paid at least the general xxxxxxx’x scale. A General Xxxxxx has the responsibility of supervision/coordination of multiple Xxxxxxx and/or multiple shifts. Employees shall be covered under the classifications and wage rate formulas that follows:
General Xxxxxxx. A Journeyman designated by the Contractor, or in charge of a crew of five (5) or more persons covered by this Agreement.
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