FUTURE ACTION Sample Clauses

FUTURE ACTION. RBB agrees, and agrees to cause Lasergate, not to take any action, including voting the Shares, inconsistent with the purposes of this Agreement or the Merger or otherwise detrimental to Advantix.
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FUTURE ACTION. The Mortgagor shall do all such things and execute all such documents from time to time hereafter as the Mortgagee may reasonably request in order to carry into effect the provisions and intent of this Agreement and to protect, perfect, and maintain the Mortgagee’s interest in and to the Collateral.
FUTURE ACTION. 9. The Xxxx Report will include a component, entitled “Xxxx Remedial Plan,”which describes future steps that HPS and DESE will take to address concerns at the Xxxx School. These steps include, but are not limited to: a) efforts to reduce restraint and seclusion; b) planned trainings and de-escalation techniques; c) revising policies and establishing new protocols on restraint and seclusion; d) revising policies and establishing new protocols for the TIP referral process; d) revising policies and establishing new protocols for involving the police versus mental health interventions; and e) improvements to the physical building to provide a safe learning environment for the students.
FUTURE ACTION. The City will take any action that is necessary to cause the Interest Portion of Basis Rent Payments to remain excludable from gross income for federal income tax purposes, including without limitation executing IRS Form 8038-T in connection with the payment of arbitrage rebate, participating in any federal income tax audit of the Certificates or similar proceedings under a “voluntary compliance agreement program” (VCAP) procedure or “remedial action” procedure pursuant to Regulations § 1.141-12.
FUTURE ACTION. To the extent that this Agreement calls for any party to take any action or sign any document in the future, such party agrees to take such action or sign such document promptly when it is time to do so.
FUTURE ACTION. Upon resolution by the governing board of each party herein, and those interested law enforcement agencies, shall enter into a memorandum of understanding incorporating more specific terms of shared services purchasing of law enforcement items. Village of Dolgeville August 17, 2016 Village of Frankfort August 17, 2016 Village of Herkimer August 17, 2016 Village of Ilion August 17, 2016 City of Little Falls August 17, 2016
FUTURE ACTION. The AICPA will continue to monitor the Settlement Agreement as it becomes final and will look to develop additional guidance for state societies and state boards regarding the final terms and conditions for reimbursement of accounting fees.
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FUTURE ACTION. 6. Nothing in this Agreement prevents or in any other way limits the FSA from taking disciplinary action or taking any other regulatory action in respect of any matter or business involving the Firm.
FUTURE ACTION. Creditors further covenant and agree that they shall take whatever steps are necessary, from time to time, to evidence and acknowledge and/or confirm and/or consent to the equal priority, perfection and delivery of their security interests in the collateral underlying their respective Sun Loan, Hagelstein Loan and Jolixx Xxxn, including but not by way of limitation, amendment to their respective financing statements filed with respect to such collateral.
FUTURE ACTION. Xxxxx has no current plan or intention to liquidate the Surviving Corporation, to merge the Surviving Corporation with or into another corporation, or to sell or otherwise dispose of the Surviving Corporation Common Stock, except for dispositions made in the ordinary course of business.
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