FUTURE ACTION Sample Clauses

FUTURE ACTION. RBB agrees, and agrees to cause Lasergate, not to take any action, including voting the Shares, inconsistent with the purposes of this Agreement or the Merger or otherwise detrimental to Advantix.
FUTURE ACTION. The Mortgagor shall do all such things and execute all such documents from time to time hereafter as the Mortgagee may request in order to carry into effect the provisions and intent of this Agreement and to protect, perfect, and maintain the Mortgagee’s interest in and to the Collateral.
FUTURE ACTION. Paxxx xas no current plan or intentxxx xo liquidate the Surviving Corporation, to merge the Surviving Corporation with or into another corporation, or to sell or otherwise dispose of the Surviving Corporation Common Stock, except for dispositions made in the ordinary course of business.
FUTURE ACTION. Upon resolution by the governing board of each party herein, and those interested law enforcement agencies, shall enter into a memorandum of understanding incorporating more specific terms of shared services purchasing of law enforcement items. Village of Dolgeville August 17, 2016 Village of Frankfort August 17, 2016 Village of Herkimer August 17, 2016 Village of Ilion August 17, 2016 City of Little Falls August 17, 2016
FUTURE ACTION. 6. Nothing in this Agreement prevents or in any other way limits the FSA from taking disciplinary action or taking any other regulatory action in respect of any matter or business involving the Firm.
FUTURE ACTION. Seller will not cause any action to be taken which will cause any of the foregoing representations and warranties to be untrue or not to be performed on the closing date.
FUTURE ACTION. The AICPA will continue to monitor the Settlement Agreement as it becomes final and will look to develop additional guidance for state societies and state boards regarding the final terms and conditions for reimbursement of accounting fees.
FUTURE ACTION. To the extent that this Agreement calls for any party to take any action or sign any document in the future, such party agrees to take such action or sign such document promptly when it is time to do so.