Side Letter Sample Clauses

Side Letter. The Stichting Anheuser-Busch InBev, a foundation (stichting) duly incorporated and validly existing under the laws of the Netherlands, (the “AK”), represents that, as of Completion, AK has no plan or intention to dispose of New Ordinary Shares.1 2.1.19 [Reserved]
Side Letter. The Company will comply with the terms of the Side Letter.
Side Letter. The Company shall have entered into and delivered a side letter with the Investor substantially in the form attached to the Omnibus Amendment.
Side Letter. The Parties (a) acknowledge that EXCO, MLP LLC, the General Partner and the Partnership have entered into that certain Letter Agreement (the “Letter Agreement”) dated as of the date hereof, regarding that certain Purchase and Sale Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, by and among EXCO and BG US Production Company, LLC (the “BG PSA”) covering BG’s interests in certain assets constituting a part of the EOC Assets and (b) agree that pursuant to Section 1.4(b) of the Letter Agreement the amounts set forth in Section 12.4(c)(y) of the UPCA and Section 12.4(d) of the UPCA and EXCO’s liability under Section 12.2(b)(ii) of the UPCA and Section 12.2(b)(iv) of the UPCA were modified as set forth in Section 1.4(b) of the Letter Agreement.
Side Letter. The Company and OASIS shall have executed and delivered the Side Letter in the form of EXHIBIT A Attached hereto.
Side Letter. Local 25, Teamsters and the City of Cambridge agree that, in interpreting Article 9, Section 3 of the contract both past practice and the provisions of Section 1, as interpreted by the parties, authorize the City to select from among the three most senior candidates who are qualified, for any vacancy. The parties agree that Article 9 provides no rights to bid for a particular assignment or a particular shift. The union may grieve and arbitrate any promotion it asserts is not within the Rule of Three. /s/ Michael P. Gardner /s/ William Carnes For The City of Cambridge For Local 25, Teamsters Dated: December 2, 1999
Side Letter. Astris shall have delivered to the Buyer the Side Letter, duly executed by Astris.
Side Letter. The Company shall have signed and delivered to the Purchasers an side letter in the form of Exhibit F attached hereto.
Side Letter. Sun shall have duly executed and delivered the Side Letter.