Side Letter Sample Clauses

Side Letter. The side letter evidencing the Current Shareholders of the Corporate Guarantor issued by the Corporate Guarantor in favour of the Lender in such form as the Lender may require.
Side Letter. At Closing, VANTAS shall assume the obligations of CarrAmerica with respect to that certain Side Letter dated as of November 16, 1998 by and among HQMerc UK Management Limited ("HQ Merc"), P.R.A. Investments Limited ("PRA"), P.K. Investments Limited ("PKL"), Xxxxx Xxxxxxx ("Allport"), Xxxxx Xxxxxxx ("Xxxxxxx"), HQ Holdings Limited ("HQ Holdings") and CarrAmerica and that certain Side Letter dated as of November 16, 1998 by and among HQ Merc UK Partnership Limited, PRA, PKL, Allport, Kershaw, HQ Holdings and CarrAmerica."
Side Letter. Each of the Issuers and each of the Purchasers shall have duly executed and delivered a side letter substantially in the form of Exhibit 4.11 hereto (as amended, restated or otherwise modified from time to time, the “Side Letter”), and the Side Letter shall be in full force and effect.
Side Letter. The Side Letter shall remain in full force as to Tioga and shall not have been revoked by Tioga.
Side Letter. No amendment or other modification shall be made to that certain letter agreement delivered to Agent on October 31, 2008 and dated as of October 31, 2008 between Point Blank Solutions, Inc. and the other Persons party thereto without the prior written consent of the Agent.
Side Letter. Sun shall have duly executed and delivered the Side Letter.
Side Letter. With reference to your remaining leave entitlement for 2002, we agree the following: To compensate you for any leave not taken during 2002, you will be issued with a credit note to the appropriate value. The credit can be utilised for specific purposes during your reintegration in Germany in form of personal development measures. The value of the credit note shall be calculated as follows: daily rate based on your basic salary at RWE Solutions in 2002 X remaining leave. The credit can be drawn on for a limited period of 12 months after your return and is available upon your return. In order to calculate the amount of the credit, you will advise RWE Solutions AG of your remaining leave entitlement for 2002 by 30 June 2003. , 2003 /s/ Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx (RWE Solutions AG) (Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx)
Side Letter. Vicon shall have delivered to Buyer a letter from Vicon (the “Side Letter”), in the form attached as Exhibit C hereto, which provides for certain management changes and employment agreement matters.
Side Letter. Local 25, Teamsters and the City of Cambridge agree that, in interpreting Article 9, Section 3 of the contract both past practice and the provisions of Section 1, as interpreted by the parties, authorize the City to select from among the three most senior candidates who are qualified, for any vacancy. The parties agree that Article 9 provides no rights to bid for a particular assignment or a particular shift. The union may grieve and arbitrate any promotion it asserts is not within the Rule of Three. /s/ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx /s/ Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx For The City of Cambridge For Local 25, Teamsters Dated: December 2, 1999 IMPORTANT WHEN LEAVING CRAFT, CONTACT YOUR SHOP XXXXXXX OR BUSINESS AGENT OR THE UNION OFFICE TO REQUEST