Final Contract Sample Clauses

Final Contract. Seller send final contract via e-mail in PDF format. Buyer executes final contract and returns via e-mail. Seller execute final contract and returns to Buyer via e-mail; price and terms are locked.
Final Contract. 47. This Contract is the final expression of the Contract of the parties and the complete and exclusive statement of the terms agreed upon, and shall supersede all prior negotiations, understandings, or contracts. There are no representations, warranties, or stipulations either oral or written not herein contained.
Final Contract. The Parties acknowledge that this agreement contains only the principle terms and conditions of the final contract. Other matters and issues shall be determined in the final contract. The final joint venture contract shall cover the general terms and conditions of a commercial contract.
Final Contract. This Contract terminates and supersedes all prior understandings or agreements on the subject matter hereof. This Contract may be modified only be a further writing that is duly executed by both parties.

Related to Final Contract

  • Individual Contract The individual contract, executed between each teacher and the Board is subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. It is specifically agreed that this Article takes precedence over and governs the individual contract and the individual contract is expressly conditioned upon this Article.

  • Individual Contracts 15.2 Any contract between the Board and an individual employee shall be expressly subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • Construction Contract If federal funds are included as part of the financing of the non-OPWC portion of the Project, federal law may prevail, including, but not limited to, application of Xxxxx Xxxxx prevailing wage rates, the Xxxxxxxx “Anti-Kickback” Act, the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, and any federal environmental regulations. Recipient is solely responsible for ensuring compliance with federal requirements applicable to its Local Subdivision Contribution. Notwithstanding the above, the following provisions apply to construction contracts under this Agreement:

  • Scope of Contract This Contract specifies the contractual terms and conditions by which the County will procure Public Services from Subrecipient as further detailed in the Scope of Services, identified and incorporated herein by this reference as “Attachment A”.

  • Tax Service Contract; Flood Certification Contract Each Mortgage Loan is covered by a paid in full, life of loan, tax service contract and a paid in full, life of loan, flood certification contract and each of these contracts is assignable to the Purchaser;

  • Construction Contracts Item A: Enter the total dollar amount of all contacts awarded on the project/ program. Item B: Enter the total dollar amount of contracts connected with this project/program that were awarded to Section 3 businesses.

  • Material Contracts and Commitments (a) As of the date of this Agreement, except as otherwise set forth in the Financial Statements or in this Agreement, there are no Contracts or Permits, written or oral, to which ICMS is a party or by which it or its properties are bound, with the exception of Management and Consulting agreements, including, without limitation, joint venture or partnership agreements, contracts with any labor organizations, employment agreements, loan agreements, indemnity or guaranty agreements, bonds, mortgages, options to purchase land, liens, pledges or other security agreements) (i) to which ICMS and any Related Party are parties (“Related Party Agreements”); and (ii) that may give rise to obligations or Liabilities exceeding, during the current term thereof, $10,000 individually, or that may generate revenues or income exceeding, during the current term thereof, $10,000 individually (collectively with the Related Party Agreements, the “Material Contracts”). ICMS has provided Company with access to true, complete and correct copies of the Material Contracts. ICMS has complied with all of its commitments and obligations, is not in default under any of the Material Contracts, has no Contracts under which the work has been substantially delayed or changed for which proper compensation is not expected, has no pending or expected claims in excess of $10,000 against a prime contractor or owner in connection with completed work or work in progress, and no notice of default has been received with respect to any thereof, and there are no Material Contracts that were not negotiated at arm’s length.

  • Service Contract The Parties intend this Agreement to be a “service contract” within the meaning of Section 7701(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Purchaser will not take the position on any tax return or in any other filings suggesting that it is anything other than a purchase of electricity from the System.

  • Agreement Exceptions/Deviations Explanation If the proposing Vendor desires to deviate form the Vendor Agreement language, all such deviations must be listed on this attribute, with complete and detailed conditions and information included. TIPS will consider any deviations in its proposal award decisions, and TIPS reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal based upon any deviations indicated below. In the absence of any deviation entry on this attribute, the proposer assures TIPS of their full compliance with the Vendor Agreement. No response

  • Project Contracts Prior to the delivery of this Lease, the Company may have entered into a contract or contracts with respect to the acquisition and/or construction of the Improvements. Those contracts, and any such contracts entered into by the Company after delivery of this Lease are hereinafter referred to as the “Project Contracts.” Prior to the delivery hereof, certain work has been or may have been performed on the Improvements pursuant to said Project Contracts or otherwise. The Company hereby conveys, transfers and assigns to the Issuer all of the Company’s rights in, but not its obligations under the Project Contracts and the Issuer hereby designates the Company as Issuer’s agent for the purpose of executing and performing the Project Contracts. After the execution hereof, the Company shall cause the Project Contracts to be fully performed by the contractor(s), subcontractor(s) and supplier(s) thereunder in accordance with the terms thereof, and the Company covenants to cause the Improvements to be acquired, constructed and/or completed in accordance with the Project Contracts. Any and all amounts received by the Issuer, the Trustee or the Company from any of the contractors or other suppliers by way of breach of contract, refunds or adjustments shall become a part of and be deposited in the Project Fund.