Fields Sample Clauses

Fields. Each party shall be responsible for limited preparation of a ball field or athletic field prior to use of the site; that limited preparation may include responsibility for lining the field, placing the bases and pitching rubber, or placing a portable outdoor goal. The City agrees to mow, as needed, any field slated for City use no more than two days before that use, to drag the infield of a baseball or softball field, and to line the outfield, on a field owned by either party. Neither party will conduct any mowing or landscaping activities on the other party’s Property without permission, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Fields. 4.1. You agree that the Website and the App is a platform for advertising Fields owned or controlled by Field Owners and we have no responsibility for the Field other than to provide the services under this Agreement which includes administering and confirming Bookings and collecting payment on behalf of the Field Owner.
Fields. 1. Any use of District fields will require pre-approval of availability from the City of Millbrae if requesting use after normal operating hours. Rules and regulations regarding Field Use as assigned by the City of Millbrae must be adhered to.
Fields. This AGREEMENT made this 11th day of April, 2008, between the Bank of the Commonwealth, a Virginia banking corporation, Norfolk, Virginia (hereinafter called “Bank”) and Stephen G. Fields (hereinafter called “Employee”).
Fields. The fields in each data record are variable length with a maximum length specified. The fields are separated by single 0x09 characters (tab) and all leading and trailing blanks are removed. Leading zeros are removed from number fields. The records are each separated by single 0x0A characters (linefeed). When the MaxLen field contains a decimal, it should be interpreted as m.d, where the actual maximum length is m+d and there is an implied decimal point between d and d+1 characters left of the right end of the field. For example, if the spec is 3.2 and the content of the field is 12345, the field is interpreted as 123.45. The VendorPrefix field is a 2-character literal supplied by Big Planet. The IdentifierHVendorId field is a 9-character literal supplied by Big Planet. The OrderNumber field is composed of the VendorPrefix supplied buy Big Planet followed by the vendor's order number (up to 18 alphanumeric characters for a total maximum of 20 characters).
Fields. During the Consultation Period (as defined below), the ------ Consultant shall consult with the Company in the field of pharmaceutical fine chemicals with special reference to asymmetric synthesis of organic compounds. The Consultant shall also consult with and advise the Company with respect to such other matters as the Company may reasonably request from time to time or as may be presented at meetings of the SAB.
Fields. This Termination of Deferred Supplemental Compensation Agreement made this 31st day of March, 2010, between the BANK OF THE COMMONWEALTH, a Virginia banking corporation, Norfolk, Virginia (hereinafter called the “Bank”) and STEPHEN G. FIELDS (hereinafter called “Employee”).
Fields. 1. any and all power plants in the USA, whether privately or publicly owned
Fields. The Surfactants Field shall be defined as and limited to (a) evaluation and use (subject to a Joint Development Plan) of specific Product(s) as feedstocks (b) derivatized via one or more of the following chemical reactions, and (c) for use in one or more of the market application areas specified below: Surfactant Types: [***] EXHIBIT B Screening Milestones EXHIBIT C Joint Development Plan Executive Teams Technical Coordinators Joint Development Activity Field Joint Development Objectives and Expected Results ERS and Stepan Inputs Testing Products to be Utilized Derivatives to be developed and/or evaluated Expected Results Value Sharing Exclusivity Fee Development Milestones Commercial Milestones [***] Indicates that text has been omitted which is the subject of a confidential treatment request. The text has been separately filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. EXHIBIT D [***]