Fields Sample Clauses

Fields. 4.1. You agree that the Website and the App is a platform for advertising Fields owned or controlled by Field Owners and we have no responsibility for the Field other than to provide the services under this Agreement which includes administering and confirming Bookings and collecting payment on behalf of the Field Owner.
Fields. 1. any and all power plants in the USA, whether privately or publicly owned
Fields. The term "Fields" as used herein shall mean the fields of Oncology, Urology, Dermatology and Ophthalmology, unless otherwise indicated."
Fields. Seller has good and merchantable title (subject to Permitted Liens) to, or valid leases or licenses of, and all required Authorizations to use, the assets necessary to carry on its business as presently conducted where failure to do so would reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect and there are no Liens (other than Permitted Liens) on the assets of Seller. Seller has good and merchantable title to the oil and gas properties evaluated in the Reserve Report, and subject to Permitted Liens, owns the working interest and net revenue interest for the oil and gas properties set forth on the Reserve Report. Seller has no take or pay arrangement affecting its oil and gas properties that would cause a Material Adverse Effect. The representations and warranties in Section 4.1 of the Louisiana Mortgage and the corresponding section of the Alabama Mortgage and Mississippi Mortgage are true and correct whether or not such Mortgages are in effect.
Fields. The manufacture and selling of human cells (1) for commercial research use, including drug testing and basic research, and (2) for therapeutic and diagnostic use in the treatment of human (a) diabetes and (b) liver diseases.
Fields. The Surfactants Field shall be defined as and limited to (a) evaluation and use (subject to a Joint Development Plan) of specific Product(s) as feedstocks (b) derivatized via one or more of the following chemical reactions, and (c) for use in one or more of the market application areas specified below: Surfactant Types: [***] EXHIBIT B Screening Milestones EXHIBIT C Joint Development Plan Executive Teams Technical Coordinators Joint Development Activity Field Joint Development Objectives and Expected Results ERS and Stepan Inputs Testing Products to be Utilized Derivatives to be developed and/or evaluated Expected Results Value Sharing Exclusivity Fee Development Milestones Commercial Milestones [***] Indicates that text has been omitted which is the subject of a confidential treatment request. The text has been separately filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. EXHIBIT D [***]
Fields. FPSC will retain the exclusive right to use Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx School District Fields located within its boundaries. WPFC shall not use such fields without the prior consent of FPSC.
Fields. Co-operation between the Parties may provide the following fields of implementation:
Fields. 4. 3rd Floor Meeting Room ____ a. Field 1 ____ 5. 3rd Base Lounge
Fields. During the Consultation Period (as defined below), the ------ Consultant shall consult with the Company in the field of pharmaceutical fine chemicals with special reference to asymmetric synthesis of organic compounds. The Consultant shall also consult with and advise the Company with respect to such other matters as the Company may reasonably request from time to time or as may be presented at meetings of the SAB.