Develops Sample Clauses

Develops implements, and achieves annual goals and objectives as established in Employer ‘s annual operating plan as follows:
Develops generates and maintains team spirit and enthusiasm throughout the organization by appropriate delegation, communication, recognition of accomplishments, job enrichment, training and development, counseling and by advancement according to merit, interest and ability.
Develops. Any subsequent work required as the wider programme progresses will be agreed in writing with the Consultant on a case by case basis using the Contract Change Procedure.
Develops. The radial variation shown here has a longer period compared to the most massive case for L˜ = 16, and shorter compared to L˜ = 64. We conclude that the variation in radius of the stars from our formation process comes dominantly from decaying radially perturbative modes.
Develops. The radial variation shown here has a longer period compared to the most massive case for L˜ = 16, and shorter compared to L˜ = 64.

Related to Develops

  • Competing Products The provisions of Section 21 are set forth on attached Exhibit H and are incorporated in this Section 21 by this reference.

  • Competitive Products Competitive Products" means products that serve the same function as, or that could be used to replace, products the Company provided to, offered to, or was in the process of developing for a present, former, or future possible customer/partner at any time during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the last day of Participant's employment (or at any time during Participant's employment if Participant was employed for less than 12 months), with which Participant had direct responsibility for the sale or development of such products or managing those persons responsible for the sale or development of such products.

  • Developments (a) The Executive acknowledges and agrees that he will make full and prompt disclosure to the Company of all inventions, improvements, discoveries, methods, developments, software, mask works, and works of authorship, whether patentable or copyrightable or not, (i) which relate to the Company’s business and have heretofore been created, made, conceived or reduced to practice by the Executive or under his direction or jointly with others, and not assigned to prior employers, or (ii) which have utility in or relate to the Company’s business and are created, made, conceived or reduced to practice by the Executive or under his direction or jointly with others during his employment with the Company, whether or not during normal working hours or on the premises of the Company (all of the foregoing of which are collectively referred to in this Agreement as “Developments”).

  • Third Party Technology Customer is hereby notified that third parties have licensed certain technology to Company, which is contained in the Software. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Customer hereby consents to the disclosure of Customer’s identity, and such other terms of this Agreement as necessary, to such third party licensors for the purpose of enabling Company to comply with the terms and conditions of such third party licenses. Any such Customer information will be provided pursuant to an obligation of confidentiality and nondisclosure at least as stringent as that imposed by this Agreement.

  • Competitive Activities For purposes of the Agreement, to which this Exhibit B is attached, “Competitive Activities” means any activities relating to products or services of the same or similar type as the products or services (1) which were or are sold (or, pursuant to an existing business plan, will be sold) to paying customers of the Company or any Related Company, and (2) for which you have any direct or indirect responsibility or any involvement to plan, develop, manage, market, sell, oversee, support, implement or perform, or had any such responsibility or involvement within your most recent 24 months of employment with the Company or any Related Company. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, an activity shall not be treated as a Competitive Activity if the geographic marketing area of such same or similar products or services does not overlap with the geographic marketing area for the applicable products and services of the Company or any Related Company.

  • Competitive Business “Competitive Business” shall mean each of the following entities: X.X. Penney Company, Inc., Macy’s, Inc., The Gap, Inc., Target Corporation, Sears Holdings Corporation, and any successors, subsidiaries or affiliates of these entities engaged in the operation of national retail department stores.

  • Inventions Executive shall disclose promptly to the Company any and all significant conceptions and ideas for inventions, improvements and valuable discoveries, whether patentable or not, which are conceived or made by Executive, solely or jointly with another, during the period of employment or within one (1) year thereafter, and which are directly related to the business or activities of the Company and which Executive conceives as a result of his employment by the Company. Executive hereby assigns and agrees to assign all his interests therein to the Company or its nominee. Whenever requested to do so by the Company, Executive shall execute any and all applications, assignments or other instruments that the Company shall deem necessary to apply for and obtain Letters Patent of the United States or any foreign country or to otherwise protect the Company's interest therein.

  • New Developments All ideas, inventions, discoveries, concepts, trademarks, or other developments or improvements, whether patentable or not, conceived by the Employee, alone or with others, at any time during the term of Employee's employment, whether or not during working hours or on Employer's premises, which are within the scope of or related to the business operations of Employer or its Affiliates ("New Developments"), shall be and remain the exclusive property of Employer. Employee shall do all things reasonably necessary to ensure ownership of such New Developments by Employer, including the execution of documents assigning and transferring to Employer, all of Employee's rights, title and interest in and to such New Developments, and the execution of all documents required to enable Employer to file and obtain patents, trademarks, and copyrights in the United States and foreign countries on any of such New Developments.

  • Licensed Technology The Services listed above and Novati’s process technology, including recipes and steps, used in the performance of services shall be provided and licensed to Customer under the terms, conditions and limitations of the Master Services Agreement, which shall override and supersede any terms and conditions in any customer provided documents. This Amendment 20, (“Amendment”), dated August 1, 2016 (“Effective Date”) is to the Master Services Agreement dated March 2, 2009 (“Agreement”) between Novati Technologies, Inc. (“Novati”), and BioNano Genomics (“Customer”). The Agreement mandates that all changes must be in a writing signed by the parties. Except as provided below, all the provisions of the Agreement shall remain in effect and apply to the amended language. Accordingly, the parties agree to the following:

  • Technology Discoveries, innovations, Know-How and inventions, whether patentable or not, including computer software, recognized under U.S. law as intellectual creations to which rights of ownership accrue, including, but not limited to, patents, trade secrets, maskworks and copyrights developed under this Agreement.