Defenses Sample Clauses

Defenses. The Reinsurer accepts, reinsures and assumes the Reinsured Risks subject to any and all defenses, set-offs and counterclaims to which the Ceding Company would be entitled with respect to the Reinsured Risks, it being expressly understood and agreed to by the Parties hereto that no such defenses, set-offs, or counterclaims are or shall be waived by the execution and delivery of this Agreement or the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby and that the Reinsurer is and shall be fully subrogated in and to all such defenses, set-offs and counterclaims.
Defenses. The obligations of the Payors under this Debenture shall not be subject to reduction, limitation, impairment, termination, defense, set-off, counterclaim or recoupment for any reason.
Defenses. In (i) any action, suit or proceeding brought by Indemnitee to enforce a right to indemnification hereunder (but not in an action, suit or proceeding brought by Indemnitee to enforce a right to an advancement of expenses) it shall be a defense that, and (ii) any action, suit or proceeding brought by the Company to recover an advancement of expenses pursuant to the terms of an undertaking by Indemnitee pursuant to Section 2, the Company shall be entitled to recover such expenses upon a final adjudication that, Indemnitee has not met any applicable standard for indemnification set forth in the DGCL. Neither the failure of the Company (including its directors who are not parties to such action, a committee of such directors, independent legal counsel or the Company’s stockholders) to have made a determination prior to the commencement of such suit that indemnification of Indemnitee is proper in the circumstances because Indemnitee has met the applicable standard of conduct set forth in the DGCL, nor an actual determination by the Company (including its directors who are not parties to such action, a committee of such directors, independent legal counsel or the Company’s stockholders) that Indemnitee has not met such applicable standard of conduct, shall create a presumption that Indemnitee has not met the applicable standard of conduct or, in the case of such a suit brought by Indemnitee, be a defense to such suit.
Defenses. If Owner shall fail to notify the Indemnified Party of its desire to assume the defense of any Third Party Claim within the prescribed period of time, or shall notify the Indemnified Party that it will not assume the defense of any such Third Party Claim, then the Indemnified Party may assume the defense of any such Third Party Claim, in which case it may do so acting in good faith and otherwise in such manner as it may deem appropriate, and the Owner shall be bound by any determination made in such Third Party Claim.
Defenses. PSTA and Uber agree that nothing contained herein shall be construed or interpreted as (1) denying to either party any remedy or defense available to such party under the laws of the State of Florida; (2) the consent of the PSTA or the State of Florida or their agents and agencies to be sued; or (3) a waiver of sovereign immunity of the PSTA or of the State of Florida beyond the waiver provided in section 768.28 Florida Statutes.
Defenses. Mortgagor hereby waives any defense it may now or hereafter have that relates to: (a) any disability or other defense of any Borrower or other person; (b) the cessation, from any cause other than full performance, of the obligations of Borrower or any other person; (c) the application of the proceeds of any Secured Obligation, by any Borrower or other person, for purposes other than the purposes represented to Mortgagor by any Borrower or otherwise intended or understood by Mortgagor or any Borrower; (d) any act or omission by Mortgagee which directly or indirectly results in or contributes to the release of any Borrower or other person or any collateral for any Secured Obligation; (e) the unenforceability or invalidity of any collateral assignment (other than this Mortgage) or guaranty with respect to any Secured Obligation, or the lack of perfection or continuing perfection or lack of priority of any lien (other than the lien hereof) which secures any Secured Obligation; (f) any failure of Mortgagee to marshal assets in favor of Mortgagor or any other person; (g) any modification of any Secured Obligation, including any renewal, extension, acceleration or increase in interest rate; (h) any and all rights and defenses arising out of an election of remedies by Mortgagee, even though that election of remedies, such as a nonjudicial foreclosure with respect to security for a guaranteed obligation, has destroyed Mortgagor’s rights of subrogation and reimbursement against the principal by operation of Section 580d of the California Code of Civil Procedure or otherwise; (i) any law which provides that the obligation of a surety or guarantor must neither be larger in amount nor in other respects more burdensome than that of the principal or which reduces a surety’s or guarantor’s obligation in proportion to the principal obligation; (j) any failure of Mortgagee to file or enforce a claim in any bankruptcy or other proceeding with respect to any person; (k) the election by Mortgagee, in any bankruptcy proceeding of any person, of the application or non-application of Section 1111(b)(2) of the United States Bankruptcy Code; (l) any extension of credit or the grant of any lien under Xxxxxxx 000 xx xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Bankruptcy Code; (m) any use of cash collateral under Section 363 of the United States Bankruptcy Code; or (n) any agreement or stipulation with respect to the provision of adequate protection in any bankruptcy proceeding of any person. Mortgagor further...
Defenses. The obligations pursuant to the Loan Documents shall not be affected by any of the following: (i) the bankruptcy, disability, dissolution, incompetence, insolvency, liquidation, or reorganization of any Borrower; or (ii) the discharge, modification of the terms of, reduction in the amount of, or stay of enforcement of any or all liens and encumbrances or any or all obligations pursuant to the Loan Documents in any bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, or other legal proceeding or by law, ordinance, regulation, or rule (federal, state, or local).
Defenses. Borrower covenants and warrants that there are no defenses, counterclaims or offsets to any of the Notes, the other Loan Documents or the Indebtedness, and Borrower hereby waives any defense, claim or counterclaim against Lender.
Defenses. The existence of any claim or cause of action by the Shareholder against PainCare or Subsidiary, whether predicated upon this Agreement or otherwise, shall not constitute a defense to the enforcement by PainCare, Subsidiary, or any of PainCare’s or Subsidiary’s successors and assigns or Affiliates and such Affiliates’ successors and assigns, but shall be litigated separately. The provisions of this Section 11 shall survive the termination of this Agreement.
Defenses. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Guarantor specifically reserves to itself all rights, counterclaims and other defenses that SAIC is or may be entitled to arising from or out of the Contract, except for any defenses arising out of the bankruptcy, insolvency, dissolution or liquidation of SAIC or the lack of power or authority of SAIC to enter into the Contract and to perform its obligations thereunder.