Offsets Sample Clauses

Offsets. If there shall occur or exist any Event of Default or if the maturity of the Notes or any Letter of Credit is accelerated pursuant to Section 12.1 or 12.2, each Lender shall have the right at any time to set off against, and to appropriate and apply toward the payment of, any and all Indebtedness then owing by any Borrowers to that Lender (including, without limitation, any participation purchased or to be purchased pursuant to Section 12.4), whether or not the same shall then have matured, any and all deposit balances and all other indebtedness then held or owing by that Lender to or for the credit or account of any Borrowers, all without notice to or demand upon the Borrowers or any other person, all such notices and demands being hereby expressly waived by the Borrowers.
Offsets. The SBA reserves the right to offset amounts payable to the SBA from the Company, including amounts payable under the Reimbursement Contract for any Contract Year and also including the Company’s full Reimbursement Premium for the current Contract Year (regardless of installment due dates), against any
Offsets. COMPANY may offset a total of fifty percent (50%) of any expenses incurred under Sections 7.2 and 7.3 against any payments due to M.I.T. under Article 4, provided that in no event shall such payments under Article 4, when aggregated with any other offsets and credits allowed under this Agreement, be reduced by more than fifty percent (50%) in any REPORTING PERIOD.
Offsets. Each party may offset amounts owed to another party hereunder against any amounts owed to such party, except to the extent any such offset is prohibited by the terms of the Lessee (or its Affiliates) credit agreements.
Offsets. Notwithstanding any other provision herein to the contrary, in no event shall any payment under this Agreement that constitutes “deferred compensationfor purposes of Code Section 409A be subject to offset by any other amount unless otherwise permitted by Code Section 409A.
Offsets. Either Party may offset any payment due hereunder against amounts owed by the other Party pursuant hereto. Either Party's exercise of recoupment and set off rights shall not limit the other remedies available to such Party hereunder.