Defaults; Termination Sample Clauses

Defaults; Termination. A. The following conditions and occurrences shall constitute "Events of Default" by Licensee:
Defaults; Termination. The Provider will not have the right to optionally terminate the Agreement. Generally, given that the Recipient’s performance under the Agreement will largely be controlled by the Provider, provisions will be included in the Agreement to prevent a termination which results from the Provider failing to cause the Recipient to perform or for events (other than payment defaults) which do not materially and adversely impact the Provider’s ability to provide the Services.
Defaults; Termination. 35 (i) In case of default in payment for more than three months continuously by the MP Power Trading Company Limited, the developer can sell power to the third party.
Defaults; Termination. 6.14.1 Of the Purchaser:
Defaults; Termination. (a) If Seller fails in any material respect to comply with, fulfill or perform any covenant or obligation to be complied with, fulfilled or performed by it under this Agreement, or Seller fails or refuses to consummate the transactions under this Agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement other than by reason of nonfulfillment of any Seller’s Condition, or by reason of a Purchaser’s Default (as defined below) (any such event being herein referred to as a “Seller’s Default”), or if any Purchaser’s Condition described in Section 10 is not fulfilled on or before the Closing Date or waived by Purchaser, then, and in any such event, Purchaser shall have the right, at its election, and in addition to any other rights and remedies it may have under Section 21, to terminate this Agreement by written notice from Purchaser to Seller, in which event all liabilities and obligations of the parties hereunder (except as provided in Section 21 below) shall cease except for those which expressly survive termination of this Agreement, and the Deposit together with all interest earned thereon (except as described in Section 21 below) shall be returned immediately to Purchaser, provided that if the Seller willfully frustrates the sale of the Property or if specific performance is not available, then in addition to the refund of the Deposit, Seller shall reimburse Purchaser for Purchaser’s actual out-of-pocket costs and expenses in connection with its investigation of the Property not to exceed One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000).
Defaults; Termination. 6.17.1 Of the Purchaser:
Defaults; Termination 

Related to Defaults; Termination

  • Default Termination a. In the event that the Property has been sold contrary to or any person bids in contravention of the provisions in Clause 4 above, then such sale shall be cancelled and become null and void and of no further effect wherein all monies paid by the Purchaser hitherto including the Deposit shall be forfeited absolutely and immediately.

  • Termination for Default 7.2.1 County may terminate the whole or any part of this Agreement for cause in the following circumstances: