Additional Termination Event definition

Additional Termination Event has the meaning specified in Section 5(b).
Additional Termination Event is specified in the Schedule or any Confirmation as applying, the occurrence of such event (and, in such event, the Affected Party or Affected Parties shall be as specified for such Additional Termination Event in the Schedule or such Confirmation).
Additional Termination Event. As defined in the Swap Agreement.

Examples of Additional Termination Event in a sentence

  • Further, it will constitute an Additional Termination Event with respect to Party A, even if Party A continues to post collateral as required by Part 5(e)(iv)(B) above, and notwithstanding Section 5(a)(ii), Party A does not take the measures described in Part 5(e)(iv)(A) above (and regardless of whether reasonable endeavours have been used to implement any of those measures).

  • Seller hereby waives the redemption rights (“Redemption Rights”) set forth in Counterparty’s memorandum and articles of association in connection with the Business Combination with respect to the Public Shares save for any redemption following the Additional Termination Events set out in (c) and (d) in the Additional Termination Event section above.

  • It shall constitute an Additional Termination Event, in respect of which Party A shall be the sole Affected Party, if Party A fails to comply with or perform any of its obligations in accordance with the Credit Support Annex and the Collateral Trigger Requirements apply and at least 30 Local Business Days have elapsed since the last time the Collateral Trigger Requirements did not apply, and such failure shall not be or give rise to an Event of Default.

  • Calculation Agent: Seller, unless (i) an Event of Default, Potential Event of Default or Additional Termination Event has occurred and is continuing with respect to Seller, or (ii) if Seller fails to perform its obligations as Calculation Agent, in which case an unaffiliated leading dealer in the relevant market selected by Counterparty in its sole discretion will be the Calculation Agent.

  • Such Additional Termination Event will be deemed to have occurred on the next Local Business Day after the sixtieth calendar day following the Subsequent Fitch Rating Event with Party A as the sole Affected Party and all Transactions as Affected Transactions.

More Definitions of Additional Termination Event

Additional Termination Event will apply as set forth in Part 5(h) of this Schedule.
Additional Termination Event provisions of Section 5(b)(v) will apply as set forth in Part 5(n) hereof.
Additional Termination Event provisions of Section 5(b)(v) will apply as set forth in Part 1 (15) hereof.
Additional Termination Event has the meaning set forth in Section 7.01.
Additional Termination Event will apply. The following shall constitute Additional Termination Events, and the party specified shall be the Affected Party with respect thereto:—
Additional Termination Event means any of the events or circumstances specified as such in Section 18.2.
Additional Termination Event. As defined in the Cap Agreement or the Swap Agreement, as applicable.