Consisting of Sample Clauses

Consisting of shares of Common Stock ______ shares of Series B Preferred Stock ANNEX to Form of Warrant Certificate -------------- FORM OF NOTICE OF CONVERSION (To be executed upon conversion of Warrant) The undersigned hereby irrevocably elects to exercise the right, represented by this Warrant Certificate, to convert Warrants represented hereby into ___ Warrant Shares* in accordance with the terms hereof. The undersigned requests that a certificate for such Warrant Shares be registered in the name of _________________________________________________________________ whose address is _____________________________________ and that such certificate be delivered to ________________ whose address is ____________________________ . If said number of Warrant Shares is less than all of the Warrant Shares obtainable hereunder, the undersigned requests that a new Warrant Certificate representing the remaining balance of the Warrant Shares be registered in the name of _____________________________________________________ whose address is _________________________________________________________ and that such Warrant Certificate be delivered to ___________________________________ whose address is ____________________________________. Signature:
Consisting of equity shares of Rs...... Each aggregating to Rs...... And........ unclassified shares of Rs.....each aggregating to Rs............... The issued Capital of the Transferor Company is Rs........ and the subscribed and paid up capital is Rs.........
Consisting of and having an approximate plinth area of about . . . . . sq. ft. and carpet area of about ……. Sq.Ft for the residential accommodation of Mr Officer of your Bank. I/We offer to you to give on lease the ground floor of my / our premises and my / our terms and conditions are as follows :

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  • Access to PHI Business Associate shall provide access to PHI in a Designated Record Set to Covered Entity or as directed by Covered Entity to an Individual to meet the requirements under 45 CFR § 164.524. Business Associate shall provide such access in the time and manner reasonably designated by Covered Entity. Within three (3) business days, Business Associate shall forward to Covered Entity for handling any request for access to PHI that Business Associate directly receives from an Individual.

  • Establishment of Portfolios and Classes (a) The Trust shall consist of one or more separate and distinct Portfolios, each with an unlimited number of Shares unless otherwise specified. The Trustees hereby establish and designate the Portfolios listed on Schedule A attached hereto and made a part hereof ("Schedule A"). Each additional Portfolio shall be established by the adoption of one or more resolutions by the Trustees. Each such resolution is hereby incorporated herein by this reference and made a part of the Governing Instrument whether or not expressly stated in such resolution, and shall be effective upon the occurrence of both (i) the date stated therein (or, if no such date is stated, upon the date of such adoption) and (ii) the execution of an amendment either to this Agreement or to Schedule A hereto establishing and designating such additional Portfolio or Portfolios. The Shares of each Portfolio shall have the relative rights and preferences provided for herein and such rights and preferences as may be designated by the Trustees in any amendment or modification to the Trust's Governing Instrument. The Trust shall maintain separate and distinct records of each Portfolio and shall hold and account for the assets belonging thereto separately from the other Trust Property and the assets belonging to any other Portfolio. Each Share of a Portfolio shall represent an equal beneficial interest in the net assets belonging to that Portfolio, except to the extent of Class Expenses and other expenses separately allocated to Classes thereof (if any Classes have been established) as permitted herein.

  • EQUAL HOUSING If the Tenant possesses any mental or physical impairment, the Landlord shall provide reasonable modifications to the Premises unless the modifications would be too difficult or expensive for the Landlord to provide. Any impairment(s) of the Tenant are encouraged to be provided and presented to the Landlord in writing in order to seek the most appropriate route for providing the modifications to the Premises.

  • Small Business Investment Company Buyer is a small business investment company licensed by the U.S. Small Business Administration under Section 301(c) or (d) of the Small Business Investment Act of 1958.

  • Non-Investment Advisory Services The Fund hereby employs the Manager to provide certain non-investment advisory services for the Portfolio, subject to the direction of the officers and the Board on the terms hereinafter set forth. Specifically, the Manager shall perform or arrange for the performance, as applicable, at its own expense (except as provided in Section 4 or unless otherwise agreed to by the Manager and the Fund, in which case at the Fund’s expense), the following services to the Fund on behalf of the Portfolio to the extent that any such services are not otherwise provided by any other service provider to the Fund:

  • Mixed and Shared Funding The Company represents that it has or will obtain a mixed and shared funding order issued by the SEC under Section 6(c) of the 1940 Act. As set forth in the Notice of the Company's application for the mixed and shared funding order, Nationwide agrees to report any potential or existing conflicts promptly to the Board of Trustees of the Fund (the “Board”), and in particular whenever voting instructions of contract owners are disregarded, and recognizes that it will be responsible for assisting the Board in carrying out its responsibilities under such application. Nationwide agrees to carry out such responsibilities with a view to the interests of existing contract owners. If a majority of the Board, or a majority of Disinterested Board Members, determines that a material irreconcilable conflict exists with regard to contract owner investments in the Fund, the Board shall give prompt notice to all Insurance Companies participating in the Fund (“Participating Companies”). If the Board determines that Nationwide is responsible for causing or creating said conflict, Nationwide shall at its sole cost and expense, and to the extent reasonably practicable (as determined by a majority of the Disinterested Board Members), take such action as is necessary to remedy or eliminate the irreconcilable material conflict. Such necessary action may include, but shall not be limited to:

  • EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY The Property is offered in compliance with Federal, State, and local anti-discrimination laws.

  • Appointment of Portfolio Manager The Trust hereby retains Portfolio Manager to provide the investment services set forth herein and Portfolio Manager agrees to accept such appointment. In carrying out its responsibilities under this Agreement, the Portfolio Manager shall at all times act in accordance with the investment objectives, policies and restrictions applicable to the Portfolio as set forth in the then current Registration Statement of the Trust delivered by the Trust to the Portfolio Manager, applicable provisions of the Investment Company Act and the rules and regulations promulgated under the Investment Company Act and other applicable federal securities laws.

  • Powers in General The Trustees shall have, without other or further authorization, full, entire, exclusive and absolute power, control and authority over, and management of, the business of the Trust and over the Trust Property, to the same extent as if the Trustees were the sole owners of the business and property of the Trust in their own right, and with such powers of delegation as may be permitted by this Declaration, subject only to such limitations as may be expressly imposed by this Declaration of Trust or by applicable law. The enumeration of any specific power or authority herein shall not be construed as limiting the aforesaid power or authority or any specific power or authority. Without limiting the foregoing; they may select, and from time to time change, the fiscal year of the Trust; they may adopt and use a seal for the Trust, provided that unless otherwise required by the Trustees, it shall not be necessary to place the seal upon, and its absence shall not impair the validity of, any document, instrument or other paper executed and delivered by or on behalf of the Trust; they may from time to time in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.1 hereof establish one or more Series to which they may allocate such of the Trust Property, subject to such liabilities, as they shall deem appropriate, each such Series to be operated by the Trustees as a separate and distinct investment medium and with separately defined investment objectives and policies and distinct investment purposes, all as established by the Trustees, or from time to time changed by them; they may as they consider appropriate elect and remove officers and appoint and terminate agents and consultants and hire and terminate employees, any one or more of the foregoing of whom may be a Trustee; they may appoint from their own number, and terminate, any one or more committees consisting of one or more Trustees, including without implied limitation an Executive Committee, which may, when the Trustees are not in session and subject to the 1940 Act, exercise some or all of the power and authority of the Trustees as the Trustees may determine; in accordance with Section 5.2 they may employ one or more Investment Advisers, Administrators and Custodians and may authorize any such service provider to employ one or more other or service providers and to deposit all or any part of such assets in a system or systems for the central handling of Securities, retain Transfer, Dividend Disbursing, Accounting or Shareholder Servicing Agents or any of the foregoing, provide for the distribution of Shares by the Trust through one or more Distributors, Principal Underwriters or otherwise, set record dates or times for the determination of Shareholders entitled to participate in, benefit from or act with respect to various matters; and in general they may delegate to any officer of the Trust, to any Committee of the Trustees and to any employee, Investment Adviser, Administrator, Distributor, Custodian, Transfer Agent, Dividend Disbursing Agent, or any other agent or consultant of the Trust, such authority, powers, functions and duties as they consider desirable or appropriate for the conduct of the business and affairs of the Trust, including without implied limitation the power and authority to act in the name of the Trust and of the Trustees, to sign documents and to act as attorney-in-fact for the Trustees. Without limiting the foregoing and to the extent not inconsistent with the 1940 Act or other applicable law, the Trustees shall have power and authority:

  • NOW THEREFORE IT IS HEREBY AGREED that in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein set forth, the parties agree as follows: