City Department definition

City Department means any agency, office, board or commission of the City, or any Department employee acting on its behalf, but shall not mean a public corporation chartered under Ordinance 103387, or its successor ordinances, or any contractor, consultant, concessionaire or lessee.
City Department means a City of Seattle department which uses the contract services, and includes the authorized representative of such department. CONTRACT means a contract that has resulted from these specifications.
City Department means any governmental subdivision of the City.

Examples of City Department in a sentence

  • In addition, the New York City Department of Investigation should be informed of such complaints at its Investigations Division, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038; the telephone number is (212) 825-5959.

  • Contract or Permit number and the City Department must be shown on the Certificate of Insurance.

  • All zoning computations are subject to verification and approval by the New York City Department of Buildings.

  • Two (2) additional copies of the PCN package shall be provided to USACE when the project is located within the New York City Watershed, for coordination with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

  • If during the term of the contract, a contract item is determined to be unacceptable for a particular use, and such is documented by a City Department and as determined by Purchasing, it is understood and agreed that the item will be canceled and removed from the contract without penalty to the City.

More Definitions of City Department

City Department means a department or agency of the City of Oakland.
City Department means any City department and its officers and employees.
City Department means any agency of the City and County of San Francisco. Any other local, state, or federal agency doing business in San Francisco is not a City Department, such as the San Francisco Unified School District, the San Francisco Community College District, the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, or the San Francisco Housing Authority.
City Department means any department of the city established by Chapter 3.16, Kirkland Municipal Code.
City Department means the following departments of the City: Administration Department, Finance Department, Fire Department, Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department, Police Department, Public Works/Engineering Department, Water and Sewer Utilities.
City Department or “Department” means any City official, department, board, commission,
City Department means any Department, City of Seattle, created by Charter and requiring the service of an "Apprenticeable Craft."