Carpet Area Sample Clauses

Carpet Area. Carpet Area of the Apartment shall mean the net usable area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under services shafts exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area but shall include the area covered by the internal partition walls of the apartment.
Carpet Area. It is made clear that the Carpet Area of the Unit as defined in Annexure II hereto is tentative and subject to change and the Vendor shall confirm the final Carpet area that has been allotted to the Vendee after the construction of the Aarohan Commercial Tower is complete and the occupancy certificate is granted by the competent authority, by furnishing details of the changes, if any, in the Carpet Area. The total price payable for the carpet area shall be recalculated upon confirmation by the Vendor. If there is any reduction in the carpet area then Vendor shall refund the excess money paid by the Vendee within Ninety days with annual interest at the rate specified in the Rules, from the date when such an excess amount was paid by the Vendee. If there is any increase in the carpet area, which is not more than five percent of carpet area of the Unit allotted to the Vendee, the Vendor shall demand that from the Vendee as per the next installment of the Payment Plan. All these monetary adjustments shall be made at the same rate per square feet as agreed in Clause 2.2 of this Agreement. The Vendee further acknowledges, understands and agrees to pay increases, all the resultant increase, if any in EDC,IDC,TOD, PLC, GST, VAT, Building Cess, Swachh Bharat Cess due to increase in Carpet Area, increase on account of additional fire safety measures undertaken, increase in all types of security, deposits, charges and increase thereof for bulk supply of electrical energy and all other increase in cost/charges, specifically provided to in this Agreement and /or any other increases in charges/statutory levies, Cess which may be levied or imposed by the Government Authorities from time to time or as stated in this Agreement.
Carpet Area. The carpet area of the said premises shall mean the entire area enclosed by its periphery walls including the area under walls, columns, half area of walls common with other premises, cup- boards, lifts, balconies, galleries, sunshades, side partition wall ,window grills, etc which form inte- gral part of the said premises. It is clarified that area under open terrace, lift and other units which are meant for exclusive use by the Unit shall be treated as part of carpet area. Unit area to super area of the said unit at is likely to be 60% approximately.
Carpet Area. As defined in Annexure “E” for the purpose of computation of carpet area of the said Apartment.
Carpet Area. N. The details of floor plan of the Unit is given in Schedule- 1.
Carpet Area. CHARGEABLE AREA shall mean the net usable floor area of the Unit, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under the services shafts exclusive balcony appurtenant to the said Unit for exclusive use of the Allottee or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area, as the case may be which is appurtenant to the net usable floor area of an Unit , meant for the exclusive use of the Allottee.but includes the internal partition walls of the Unit,
Carpet Area with reference to any Flat or Unit shall mean the living area devoid of the thickness of walls and also excluding any area open to the sky.
Carpet Area. Sq. Mt. (E) BOUNDED : In the East by : ……… In the West by : ……… In the North by : ……… In the South by : ……… SCHEDULE “B” (FLOOR PLAN OF ROW-HOUSE) (To be attached. . . ) SCHEDULE “C” (PAYMENT-PLAN) At the time of Booking/Token Amount (10%) : Rs 00 Within 30 days from the date of booking (10%) : Rs 00 On or before Completion of Plinth Level (30%) : Rs 00 On or before Completion of Ground Floor Slab (15%) : Rs 00 On or before Completion of First Floor Slab (10%) : Rs 00 On or before Completion of Brick Work (10%) : Rs 00 On or before Completion of Plaster Work (10%) : Rs 00 On or before offer of Sale Deed & Possession (05%) : Rs 00 SCHEDULE “D” (SPECIFICATIONS, AMENITIES, FACILITIES OF ROW-HOUSE) • STRUCTURE : RCC framed structure. • WALLS : Fly ash Brick masonry. • FLOORING : Drawing : Vitrified Tiles Bedrooms : Vitrified Tiles Toilets : Designer Tiles upto 2.1 Mtr Height. Kitchen : Vitrified Tiles Floor, Granite Platform with steel sink, Glazed tiles up to 0.6 Mtr Heght above platform. Porch & : Anti-Skid Tiles. Backyard • SANITARY & : Premium quality designer Sanitary Ware & Taps. PLUMBING • DOORS : Flush doors with Dewas Section & Aluminum Hard-were fitting. • WINDOWS : Aluminum sliding windows with Glass & MS security Grill. • PAINTING : External : Weather Shield paint on external walls. Internal : Internal walls & Roof shall be painted by Oil Bound distemper. • ELECTRIC : Fitting : Modular electrical switches with board. Wiring : Concealed copper wiring with circuit security through MCBs. T.V. / Tel : Provision of point in Drawing & Master Bedroom.