Compete Sample Clauses

Compete. The term “Compete” means (i) soliciting or securing deposits from any Person residing in the Relevant Market for any Financial Institution; (ii) soliciting any Person residing in the Relevant Market to become a borrower from any Financial Institution, or assisting (other than through the performance of ministerial or clerical duties) any Financial Institution in making loans to any Person; (iii) including or attempting to induce any Person who was a Customer of the Bank on the date of termination of Officer’s employment with the Bank, to change such Customer’s depository, loan or other banking relationship from the Bank to another Financial Institution; (iv) acting as a consultant, officer, director, independent contractor, organizer, incorporator or employee of any Financial Institution that has, or intends to have in the future, its main or principal office in the Relevant Market, or, in acting in any such capacity with any other Financial Institution, to maintain an office or be employed at or assigned to or to have any direct involvement in the management, business or operation of , or the organization of any office of such Financial Institution located in the Relevant Market; or (v) communicating to any Financial Institution the names or addresses or any financial information concerning any Person who was a Customer of the Bank at the date of Officer’s termination of this Agreement.
Compete. In the geographical area where the Company does business or, at the time your employment ends, plans to do business, you will not engage or assist others in engaging in any business or enterprise that competes with the Company’s business, including any business or enterprise that develops, designs, produces, manufactures, markets, licenses, sells, renders, or provides any product or service that competes with any product or service actually or planned to be developed, designed, produced, manufactured, marketed, licensed, sold, rendered, or provided by the Company while you are or were employed by the Company; provided that your passive ownership of not more than 1% of the outstanding stock of a publicly-held company will not, by itself, violate this provision. For purposes of this Grant Agreement, you agree that the Company does business throughout and plans to do business throughout the United States;
Compete. Without the Company’s prior written consent, Executive will not directly or indirectly be employed or involved with any business developing or exploiting any products or services that are competitive with products or services (i) being commercially developed or exploited by the Company during Executive’s employment and (ii) on which Executive worked or about which Executive learned proprietary information or trade secrets of the Company during Executive’s employment with the Company.
Compete. The term "Compete" means to engage in or assist any person or entity whose business is competitive with the Company's Business, whether as a director, officer, partner, member, manager, owner, employee, agent, consultant, or otherwise, in employment or other work similar to Employee's duties with the Company during the one-year period immediately preceding the termination of Employee's employment with the Company.
Compete. Carry on any business or activity (whether directly or indirectly, as a partner, shareholder, owner, principal, agent, director, affiliate, advisor or consultant) or compete in any way with the business of the Company anywhere within Virginia. For the purposes of this Section 6(a), the term “compete in any way with the business of Sellers” shall mean engaging in or attempting to engage in any business similar to that carried on by the Company or its affiliates.
Compete. The term “Compete” means:
Compete. Engage in any business activities engaged in by the Company at any time (“Business Activities”) (other than on behalf of the Company) whether such engagement is as an officer, director, proprietor, employee, partner, investor (other than as a holder of less than 1% of the outstanding capital stock of a publicly traded corporation), consultant, advisor, agent or otherwise, in any geographic area in which the products or services of the Company have been distributed or provided during the period commencing two years prior to the Grant Date.
Compete. Compete" means either directly or indirectly to own, ------- initiate, manage, operate, join, control, advise, consult with or participate in the ownership, operation, management or control (other than as a shareholder owning less than five percent (5%) of the capital stock of any entity, the shares of which are traded on a national exchange) of any business similar to the Existing Businesses or the Proposed Businesses within the United States, the United Kingdom or any foreign country in which Existing or Proposed Businesses are located, or to lease or sell real or personal property to any such business.
Compete. Each Seller undertakes that it and/or any of its Affiliate (as such term is defined in section 1A.2.1 above) shall not directly compete or assist others to compete, with the Technology of the Company during the shorter period between the Consideration Period or a period of four (4) years as of the Closing.