Competition Sample Clauses

Competition. It is agreed by company that the Executive has other business ventures and is not obligated to provide 100% of Executive's time to his responsibilities at Company. During the term of this Agreement and any renewals thereof, and for a period of one (1) year from the date of cessation of his employment with the Company, the Executive will not, directly or indirectly, in the United States or Canada, whether as a partner, joint venturer, officer, stockholder, advisor, employee, consultant, agent, or otherwise, in any way promote, participate, become employed by or engage in any conduct or business which is similar to the Company's business or competitive with the Company's business.
Competition. During the Employment Term, during any continuation of employment pursuant to Section 2 above and during the twelve (12) month period following termination of the Executive's employment with the Company for any reason, provided that payments, if any, required pursuant to Section 7(b) hereof are made in full and in a timely fashion, the Executive will not directly or indirectly (as a director, officer, executive employee, manager, consultant, independent contractor, advisory or otherwise) engage in competition with, or own any interest in, perform any services for, participate in or be connected with any business or organization which engages in competition with any of the Companies within the meaning of Section 9(d), provided, however, that the provisions of this Section (a) shall not be deemed to prohibit the Executive's ownership of not more than two percent (2%) of the total shares of all classes of stock outstanding of any publicly held company, or ownership, whether through direct or indirect stockholding or otherwise, of one percent (1%) or more of any other business.
Competition. (a) The Executive shall not, at any time during the Term or during the two-year period following the Date of Termination, directly or indirectly engage in, have any equity interest in, or manage or operate any person, firm, corporation, partnership or business (whether as director, officer, employee, agent, representative, partner, security holder, consultant or otherwise) that engages in any business (x) which competes with any business of the Company anywhere in the States of California, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada or Texas, (y) which competes with any business of the Company in any State in which the Company operated a facility at any time (whether before or after the date of this Agreement) that the Executive was employed by the Company or (z) which derives $500,000,000 or more in annual consolidated revenues from the operation of skilled nursing facilities in the United States; provided, however, that the Executive shall be permitted to acquire a passive stock interest in such a business provided the stock acquired is publicly traded and is not more than five percent (5%) of the outstanding interest in such business.
Competition. The Employee agrees that, in the event of any Covered Termination where the Employee is entitled to Accrued Benefits and the Termination Payment, the Employee shall not, for a period expiring one year after the Termination Date, without the prior written approval of Alliant’s Chief Executive Officer or his designee, participate in the management of, be employed by or own any business enterprise at a location within the Company’s service territory (defined as the regulated service territory as authorized by the appropriate state agencies regulating utilities with jurisdiction over Alliant utility subsidiaries) that engages in substantial competition with the Company or its subsidiaries, where such enterprise’s revenues from producing, selling, and distributing energy and providing energy-related services to its customers, amount to 10% or more of such enterprise’s net revenues and sales for its most recently completed fiscal year; provided, however, that nothing in this Subsection 14(a) shall prohibit the Employee from owning stock or other securities of a competitor amounting to less than five percent of the outstanding capital stock of such competitor.
Competition. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, each party shall have the free and unrestricted right independently to engage in and receive the full benefits of any and all business endeavors of any sort outside the Property or outside the scope of this Agreement, whether or not competitive with the endeavors contemplated under this Agreement, without consultation with or participation of the other party. In particular, without limiting the foregoing, neither party to this Agreement shall have any obligation to the other as to any opportunity to acquire any interest, property or right offered to it outside the scope of this Agreement.
Competition. All procurement transactions shall be done in a manner to provide open and free competition. The Recipient shall be alert to conflicts of interest as well as noncompetitive practices among contractors that may restrict or eliminate competition or otherwise restrain trade. In order to ensure excellent contractor performance and eliminate unfair competitive advantage, contractors that develop or draft specifications, requirements, statements of work, invitations for bids and/or requests for proposals shall be excluded from competing for such procurements. Awards shall be made to the bidder or offeror whose bid or offer is responsive to the solicitation and is most advantageous to the Recipient, considering the price, quality and other factors. Solicitations shall clearly set forth all requirements that the bidder or offeror must fulfill in order for the bid or offer to be evaluated by the Recipient. Any and all bids or offers may be rejected when it is in the Recipient's interest to do so.
Competition. Executive acknowledges that Executive has been provided with Confidential Information (as defined below) and, during the Term, the Company from time to time will provide Executive with access to Confidential Information. Ancillary to the rights provided to Executive as set forth in this Agreement and the Company’s provision of Confidential Information, and Executive’s agreements regarding the use of same, in order to protect the value of any Confidential Information, the Company and Executive agree to the following provisions against unfair competition, which Executive acknowledges represent a fair balance of the Company’s rights to protect its business and Executive’s right to pursue employment:
Competition. Executive hereby agrees that, while he is employed by the Company, and for a period of 6 months following the date of his termination of employment with the Company for any reason, he will not, directly or indirectly, without the prior written approval of the CEO, enter into any business relationship (either as principal, agent, board member, officer, consultant, stockholder, employee or in any other capacity) with any business or other entity that at any relevant time is engaged in the business of insurance in direct or indirect competition with the Company or any of its affiliates (a “Competitor”); provided, however, that such prohibited activity shall not include the ownership of less than 5% of the outstanding securities of any publicly-traded corporation (determined by vote or value) regardless of the business of such corporation. Upon the written request of Executive, the CEO will determine whether a business or other entity constitutes a “Competitor” for purposes of this Section 9; provided that the CEO may require Executive to provide such information as the CEO determines to be necessary to make such determination, and further provided that the current and continuing effectiveness of such determination may be conditioned on the accuracy of such information, and on such other factors as the CEO may determine.