COMMERCE Sample Clauses

COMMERCE. Treaty of amity and economic relations, and related notes. Signed at Addis Ababa Sep- tember 7, 1951; entered into force October 8, 1953.
COMMERCE. Treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation. Signed at San Jose July 27, 1853; entered into force December 20, 1854. 10 Stat. 1005; TS 4; 5 Bevans 61. CONSULS (See COMMERCE) COPYRIGHT (See also APPENDIX A) Copyright arrangement. Exchanges of notes at Buenos Aires April 28, July 28, August 28, and September 3, 1934; operative August 23, 1934. 5 Bevans 72; 160 LNTS 57. DEFENSE Agreement relating to a military assistance program. Exchange of notes at Buenos Aires May 10, 1964; entered into force May 10, 1964.
COMMERCE. Network Connectivity. STERLING COMMERCE will provide the necessary ----------------------------- connectivity of the EC Technology to STERLING COMMERCE's COMMERCE:Network, at no cost to Company.
COMMERCE. Treaty of peace, amity, navigation, and com- merce, with additional article.1 Signed at Bo- gota December 12, 1846; entered into force June 10, 1848. 9 Stat. 881; TS 54; 6 Bevans 868. NOTE:
COMMERCE. Treaty of amity and economic relations. Signed at Saigon April 3, 1961; entered into force No- vember 30, 1961.
COMMERCE. Agreement relating to friendship and com- merce. Exchange of notes at Sanaa May 4, 1946; entered into force May 4, 1946. 60 Stat. 1782; TIAS 1535; 12 Bevans 1223; 4 UNTS 165.
COMMERCE. 600 Anton Blvd. Suite 2000 Costa Mesa, California 92626 Attention: Chief Executive Officer Phone: 714-259-2500 Fax: 714-259-2501 with a copy to: Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP 695 Town Center Drive Seventeenth Floor Costa Mesa, California 92626 Attention: John F. Della Grotta, Esq. Facsimile: (714) 979-1921 Telephone: (714) 668-6200 the Stockholder: Peter Weigand 12136 Skyline Santa Ana, California 92705 Facsimile: (714) 731-0731 Such addresses may be changed, from time to time, by means of a notice given in the manner provided above. Notice will conclusively be deemed to have been given when personally delivered (including, but not limited to, by messenger or courier); or if given by mail, on the third day after being sent by first class, certified or registered mail; or if given by Federal Express or other similar overnight service, on the date of delivery; or if given by telecopy or facsimile machine during normal business hours on a business day, when confirmation of transmission is indicated by the sender's machine; or if given by telecopy or facsimile machine at any time other than during normal business hours on a business day, the first business day following when confirmation of transmission is indicated by the sender's machine. Notices, requests, demands and other communications delivered to legal counsel of any party hereto, whether or not such counsel shall consist of in-house or outside counsel, shall not constitute duly given notice to any party hereto.
COMMERCE. LICENSOR agrees not to use any billing service through the Information Service other than subscription fee billed by AT&T to End User, without first obtaining AT&T’s written consent.
COMMERCE. 2 17. At all times relevant to this complaint, Defendants have maintained a 3 substantial course of trade in or affecting commerce, as “commerce” is defined in 4 Section 4 of the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. § 44.
COMMERCE. 1. OneSoft will work to integrate the, or its successor, order and inventory data transactions with the *********** (hereinafter *****) systems by providing and accepting files to and from ******** at a frequency specified by Alloy. OneSoft understands that Alloy is committed to this initiative and will have the influence to make available the ******* management and staff necessary to complete this initiative in an efficient manner.