Coal Sample Clauses

Coal. This mineral lease covers coal, which shall mean and include black or brownish-black solid fossil fuels that have been subjected to the natural processes of coalification, and which fall within the classification of coal by rank as anthracitic, bituminous, sub-bituminous, or lignitic, together with closely associated substances which include, but are not limited to other hydrocarbon substances physically contained within the same geologic strata as the coal. In the event that minerals other than coal are discovered during lease operations, Lessee shall promptly notify the Lessor.
Coal. Any combustible carbonaceous rock, whether classified as anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, or lignite, as defined by ASTM Standard D-388-77, along with all substances mixed with Coal.
Coal. The November 1996 Agreement sets forth procedures, prices, and terms relating to acquisition of and payment for coal for Plant Scherer and Plant Wansley. The procurement of coal for the purpose of performing this Agreement shall be governed by and subject to the procedures, terms, conditions, and prices set forth in Section 3.8 and all associated exhibits of the November 1996 Agreement, which are incorporated herein by reference.
Coal. The authorized capital stock of Coal consists of 1,000 shares of common stock, $100 par value per share, 997 of which are issued and outstanding and three of which were directors qualifying shares issued to three directors of Coal, as nominees of Coal. Certificates representing such three shares of common stock have not been located and none of the holders thereof have any enforceable rights, at law, in equity or otherwise, as a shareholder of Coal. All such outstanding shares have been duly authorized and validly issued and are fully paid and non-assessable.
Coal. All coal used in the testing of the Units and the Power Station shall be Performance Coal and of the quality described in Article 6 and, the Fourth Schedule (Specifications for Fuel Supply and Start-up Electricity).
Coal. By coal lease of even date herewith, certain of the parties comprising Lessor have leased to Lessee their interest in certain seams of coal in, on and under the demised premises as more particularly described in said coal lease. Lessee specifically agrees that upon termination of such coal lease for any reason whatsoever, this surface lease shall automatically terminate without any further act or deed by Lessor. The Parties hereto understand and agree that this Lease of the surface of the certain tracts of land herein described is executed with another lease of the coal (dated July 1, 1999) in, on and underlying said tracts and it is agreed by and between all Parties hereto that in case of conflict or ambiguity between the provisions of this Lease and said Coal Lease of July 1, 1999, the provisions of the Coal Lease shall control.
Coal. The coal industry is operating at low production rates due to devastation by more than two decades of war and years of neglect. Until the end of 2006, coal operations were primarily contained in two state enterprises with oversight of the MOMP. Some recent lease arrangements to private operators have since been put in place. No programmatic assistance has been provided to the Afghan coal sector.
Coal. Kellingley (washed singles with less than 10% by weight below 1/4 inch) 2 in. x 1/4 Proximate Analysis wt % Fixed Carbon 51.8 Volatile Matter 30.7 Moisture 6.2 Ash 11.3 Total 100.0 Higher Heating Value, Btu/lb (dry ash free basis) 15,069 Ash composition % by weight Loss on ignition 1.8 SiO2 46.0 A12O3 26.0 Fe2O3 19.6 CaO 0.98 MgO 0.92 Na2O 1.19 K2O 2.75 Mn3O4 0.06 TiO2 0.7 Total 100.00
Coal. On or after the date of delivery of a shipment of Coal to the Facility, ERLB shall provide an invoice for said shipment to BPP. Payment of invoice by BPP must be made within the fifteen (15) day period allowed by the ICC's credit requirements, except that for a period of two (2) years following the first delivery of coal under the Coal Supply Agreement BPP shall be entitled to pay within thirty (30) days after invoice. BPP shall make payment as provided in Section 5.1.
Coal. Coal for Plant Scherer and/or for Plant Wansley shall be procured in accordance with this Section 3.8.