Candidate Sample Clauses

Candidate. This refers to the Member who is applying for tenure and/or promotion.
Candidate. An individual who is interested in a position, but has not satisfied the definition of an “Applicant,” as defined herein.
Candidate. A prospective graduate management education student who has consented to participate in the GMASS Service
Candidate. An applicant who fulfills the requirements for a given position and has successfully completed the required examination(s) for such a classification.
Candidate a student in any Program offered by the Second Party enrolling therein as result of the promotion efforts of the First Party:
Candidate. When a driver record is considered unacceptable, the candidate for employment as a driver of a school vehicle will be deemed ineligible.
Candidate a student in any Course offered by the Second Party who is attending a Course though the promotion efforts of the First Party.
Candidate. To be eligible to compete for promotion and/or acting rank, the applicant must not have been convicted of a serious misconduct and dealt with by way of penalty under section of the Police Actwithin the previous five years and must meet the following criteria:
Candidate. 8.1 If a Candidate introduced by the Agency becomes employed by the Client or any company affiliated with the Client within one year after the introduction, this agreement shall be deemed to have come into being through the mediation of the Agency and the full fee shall, yet, be due to the Agency from the Client.
Candidate. Do you have any learning difficulties that Stroma Certification need to be aware of and take into consideration during the training and assessment process? Yes / No If Yes, please provide details: