Bearings Sample Clauses

Bearings. Motors shall be equipped with anti-friction type thrust and guide bearings. Angular contact ball thrust bearings shall be used in preference to spherical roller thrust bearings wherever possible. Angular contact ball thrust bearing shall be self cooled wherever possible. Water cooled angular contact ball thrust bearings shall be used only when approved by District. Spherical roller thrust bearings shall be water cooled. Bearings shall be of sufficient capacity to carry all static and dynamic up and down thrust loads, both momentary and continuous, imposed by the pump. Bearings shall provide minimum 3 year B10 life (26,300 hours) based on continuous design thrust load or minimum 1 year B10 life (8770 hours) based on maximum pump shutoff thrust load, whichever is greater. Bearings shall also provide for minimum momentary upthrust equal to 30% of rated downthrust.
Bearings. Three deep-groove, anti-friction ball bearings shall be located outside the pumping chamber, which shall give support and proper alignment to the impeller shaft assembly. The bearings shall be oil or grease lubricated, completely separated from the water being pumped, and shall be protected by seal housings, flinger rings and oil seals.
Bearings. MEASUREMENT VALUE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Radial type (2) Tilt Pad --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thrust type (1) Tilt pad ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bearings. 5. Oil deflectors
Bearings. A. Unless otherwise specified, Seller shall ensure equipment bearings are oiled or grease lubricated, ball or roller type, and designed to withstand the stresses of the service specified. Each bearing shall be rated in accordance with the latest revisions of ABMA standards for Load Ratings and Fatigue Life for Ball and Roller Bearings. Unless otherwise specified, equipment bearings shall have a minimum L‐10 rating life of 50,000 hours. The rating life shall be determined using the maximum equipment operating speed.
Bearings. The MS7001(EA) gas turbine contains three journal bearings to support the turbine rotor and one dual direction thrust bearing to maintain the rotor-to-stator axial position. The bearings are located in three housings: one at the inlet, one in the discharge casing and one at the center of the exhaust frame. All bearings are pressure lubricated by oil supplied from the main lubrication oil system. The number 1 bearing (journal and thrust) is accessed by removing the top half of the compressor inlet casing, while number 2 is accessed during major overhaul. The number 3 bearing is readily accessible through the tunnel along the centerline of the exhaust diffuser. Bearing protection includes vibration sensors and drain oil temperature thermocouples.
Bearings. All door closer repair work that exceeds one hour. All work of installing sound insulation. All hydraulic repair work except cleaning, oiling, greasing and adjusting. Replacement of any control cable. When escalators are prepared and/or for cleaning, oiling, greasing, adjusting and minor replacement (minor replacement meaning work requiring one hour or less), the work shall be classed as maintenance work for payment conditions
Bearings. Bearings shall be inspected for damage. Removal and installation of bearings shall be done in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. New bearings shall meet the original specifications.
Bearings. ACF shall rope off and/or paint lines on the plant floor to designate, and install prominent signs at (each in a manner reasonably satisfactory to ARI), each of the Designated Component Storage Areas where bearings are to be stored in accordance with this Agreement. Such signs shall contain the following language: “All items located in this marked area have been purchased by and are owned by American Railcar Industries, Inc. Do not place items owned by ACF or any other party in this marked area or remove items from this marked area without written approval from ARI.”