Auto-Off Feature Sample Clauses

Auto-Off Feature. Your ESR750 has an Auto Off feature. If you accidentally leave your scooter on when you are done riding, it will shut off automatically after 30* minutes. This helps to keep the batteries from being drained when not in use. To restart your scooter simply turn the scooter off and then on again. *The 30 minute setting can be changed or turned off by your authorized Go-Ped Dealer.
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Auto-Off Feature. For purposes of this Specification, the auto-off feature is defined as the ability for the copier to automatically shut itself off within a specified period of time after the last copy was made. The copier shall automatically enter its off mode after execution of this feature.

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  • Software Updates XXXXX agrees to keep current with software licensed from Skyward and will install new versions on a timeline approved by XXXXX governance. This timeline will be communicated by NWRDC to the Districts. School District Workstations Configuration requirements for devices and their software that school district personnel use to access WSIPC’s software modules can be found on our website: xxxxx://‐team/. State Reports XXXXX will provide, at no additional fee, all data reports required by the state that impact 50% or more of the school districts in the state. WSIPC and NWRDC will work with state agencies to gather requirements on the required data. WSIPC will inform NWRDC staff of any mandated changes to state reports and NWRDC will communicate the information to the District. Appendix B NWRDC FTE Fees Fiscal Only NWRDC Software Support Services XXXXX Software Licensing Total FTE Fee $13.63 $20.34 $33.97 $15.56 $13.08 $28.64 $24.52 $20.34 $44.86 Student Only Full Service

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