Wheels Sample Clauses

Wheels. The following are acceptable conditions for aluminum/alloy wheels, stamped and steel wheels with appropriate charges:
Wheels. Riding with an improperly secured wheel can allow the wheel to wobble or fall off the vehicle, which can cause serious injury or death. It is very important that an operator know how to secure the wheels correctly, and how to apply the correct clamping force that safely secures the wheel. Ask an expert mechanic to advise you on correct wheel removal and installation in accordance with the wheel manufacturer’s specifications.
Wheels. Check for the non-uniform wear, correct the Wheel axle for proper alignment.
Wheels. The steel wheels shall be refinished with a color specified by the Purchaser. 19.65 Paint Code(s) and Layout
Wheels. A. Front wheel removal: 1) Make a note of the location for the washers used on the front axle. 2) Remove the axle nut. 3) Slide the axle bolt out and remove wheel.
Wheels. 12.1 All vehicles must have at least four wheels and must carry a spare wheel to the same specification as the road wheels, a space-saver wheel or any approved manufacturer’s device.
Wheels. 1. Wheel heads and pans must be cleaned after each use
Wheels. Wheel diameter is not specified, but it is recommended that the wheels be approximately 15cm in diameter. It is recommended that all the wheels (main drive wheels and casters) have some compliance, i.e. they should have some elasticity rather than being rigid. Because a differential drive consists of only two wheels, a third caster or jockey wheel is required for stability. However, a three-wheeled design might result in the drive wheels being off-center so that the robot cannot rotate within its own diameter. Adding a second caster (one in the front and one at the back) provides a stable configuration and ensures that the robot can rotate within its own diameter. The following photograph shows the underside of a prototype robot.
Wheels. Seven (7) LT225/75R16E all season 10 ply, radial tires with rims; spare tire is mounted behind rear axle of vehicle;
Wheels. Provide four (4) chrome wheel simulators, Ref: Phoenix. (Aw Direct 0-000-000-0000)