AUTHENTIC Sample Clauses

AUTHENTIC. LANGUAGES This Agreement is drawn up in seven originals in the English, Danish, Dutch, French, German and Italian languages. each of these texts being equally authentic.
AUTHENTIC. ITEMS ONLY: Consignor represents and warrants that items consigned are 100% authentic and as represented. CONSIGNMENT PERIOD: Consignment period is 60 calendar days from the appearance of the items in the Rustic Seagull racks PRICING: Rustic Seagull has the sole discretion in determining the pricing on all items. The pricing determined by Rustic Seagull will be a function of market value, condition and appearance with the intention to sell the item with the highest potential profit. Rustic Seagull reserves the right to re-price items at any time. All items left after end of consignment period will be donated to a charity chosen by Rustic Seagull or returned to consignor, upon consignor’s discretion. The consignor will have to find their own items on the racks to retrieve them. PAYMENT: cont next page Forty percent (40%) of the selling price will be paid to the consignor. Payments are made once a month for sales made the prior month and are mailed via USPS by check, or kept as a credit in store upon consignor’s request. ____ in-store credit ____ issue check LIABILITY: Rustic Seagull is not responsible for any loss or damage to items. In cluding, but not limited to damage caused by, heft, fire, flood, any types of stains/tears, loss and any other damages or losses without exclusion. PROMOTION OF ITEMS: Rustic Seagull shall use i’s best effort to promote, display and sell items on its web-site and/or in its store at 2418 N Webb Rd Grand Island NE and shall have no obligation to promote items in any other manner.
AUTHENTIC. TEXT This Agreement shall be authentic in the English language.
AUTHENTIC authentic assessment tasks are those that are relevant and reflect what occurs in the work-place beyond the institutional learning environment.
AUTHENTIC. The assessment process must ensure that all evidence of achievement is authentic in that it has been created solely by the learner (unless otherwise required) and has not been plagiarised. If work was not authentic, it would undermine the entire the assessment process and overall qualification system.
AUTHENTIC. This is a genuine partnership that equally recognises the value and expertise that students bring as learners and that staff bring as educators and professionals.
AUTHENTIC instrument produced must satisfy the conditions necessary to establish its authenticity in the Member State of origin. ▌ ▌ PE467.046v02-00 84/147 RR\915922EN.doc ENArticle 71 A court settlement which is enforceable in the Member State of origin shall be enforced in the other Member States under the same conditions as authentic instruments. ▌ Article 71a The competent authority of the Member State of origin shall issue, at the request of any interested party, the certificate using the form set out in Annex II containing a summary of the enforceable obligation recorded in the authentic instrument or of the agreement between the parties recorded in the court settlement.
AUTHENTIC. TEXT ----------- --------------- The English text of this contract is the only authentic text. The Supplier The Distributor _________________________ _________________________ Made in on the _________________________ _________________________ Chancellor Africa Corporation Afinta Motor Corporation ______________________ _____________________ Africa Finance Corporation ______________________ Witness Notary ______________________________ _______________________________