AUTHENTIC Sample Clauses

AUTHENTIC. TEXTS The Korean, Spanish and English texts of this Agreement are equally authentic. In case of any divergence, the Parties shall resolve the inconsistency based on the English version of the texts.
AUTHENTIC. Genuine, from the legitimate source claimed or implied by the marking and design of the product offered and manufactured by, or at the behest and to the standards of, the manufacturer that has lawfully applied its name and trademark for that model/version of the material.
AUTHENTIC. LANGUAGES This Agreement is drawn up in seven originals in the English, Danish, Dutch, French, German and Italian languages, each of these texts being equally authentic.
AUTHENTIC. TEXTS In witness whereof the undersigned, being duly authorized to that effect, have signed this Treaty in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish, of which every of the Portuguese Republic. NON-CONFORMING MEASURES MAINTAINED BY A CONTRACTING PARTY AND ANY COMMITMENTS WITH REGARD TO THEM (in accordance with Article 10(3)(a)(i)) EXCEPTIONS RELATING TO PRIVATISATION MEASURES (In accordance with Article 10(3)(b))
AUTHENTIC. TEXT ----------- --------------- The English text of this contract is the only authentic text. The Supplier The Distributor _________________________ _________________________ Made in on the _________________________ _________________________ Chancellor Africa Corporation Afinta Motor Corporation ______________________ _____________________ Africa Finance Corporation ______________________ Witness Notary ______________________________ _______________________________
AUTHENTIC. TEXT This Agreement shall be authentic in the English language.
AUTHENTIC. ITEMS ONLY: Consignor represents and warrants that items consigned are 100% authentic and as represented. CONSIGNMENT PERIOD: Consignment period is 60 calendar days from the appearance of the items in the Rustic Seagull racks PRICING: Rustic Seagull has the sole discretion in determining the pricing on all items. The pricing determined by Rustic Seagull will be a function of market value, condition and appearance with the intention to sell the item with the highest potential profit. Rustic Seagull reserves the right to re-price items at any time. All items left after end of consignment period will be donated to a charity chosen by Rustic Seagull or returned to consignor, upon consignor’s discretion. The consignor will have to find their own items on the racks to retrieve them. PAYMENT: cont next page Forty percent (40%) of the selling price will be paid to the consignor. Payments are made once a month for sales made the prior month and are mailed via USPS by check, or kept as a credit in store upon consignor’s request. ____ in-store credit ____ issue check LIABILITY: Rustic Seagull is not responsible for any loss or damage to items. In cluding, but not limited to damage caused by, heft, fire, flood, any types of stains/tears, loss and any other damages or losses without exclusion. PROMOTION OF ITEMS: Rustic Seagull shall use i’s best effort to promote, display and sell items on its web-site and/or in its store at 0000 X Xxxx Xx Xxxxx Island NE and shall have no obligation to promote items in any other manner.

Related to AUTHENTIC

  • Authentic Texts This Agreement shall be done in Chinese, Spanish and English, the three texts are equally valid and authentic. In the event of divergence, the English text shall prevail.

  • Authentic Text This Agreement is drawn up in duplicate in the Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish languages, each of these texts being equally authentic.

  • Facsimile Signatures The facsimile signature of any party to this Agreement shall constitute the valid and binding execution hereof by such party.

  • Facsimile Signature This Agreement may be executed by facsimile signature and a facsimile signature shall constitute an original for all purposes.

  • AUTHENTICATION OF FACSIMILE BIDS The act of submitting a Bid by facsimile transmission, including an executed signature page or as otherwise specified in the Bid Documents, shall be deemed a confirming act by Bidder which authenticates the signing of the Bid.

  • Manual Except as the Association shall otherwise agree, the Recipient shall: (a) carry out the Project in accordance with the Project Implementation Manual; and (b) except as the Association shall otherwise agree, not amend, abrogate, or waive, or permit to be amended, abrogated, or waived, the aforementioned, or any provision thereof, in a manner which, in the opinion of the Association, may materially or adversely affect Project implementation or achievement of the objective thereof.

  • FACSIMILE SUBMISSIONS Unless specifically prohibited by the terms of the Bid Specifications, facsimile Bids may be SUBMITTED AT THE SOLE OPTION AND RISK OF THE BIDDER. Only the FAX number(s) indicated in the Bid Specifications may be used. Access to the facsimile machine(s) is on a “first come, first serve” basis, and the Commissioner bears no liability or responsibility and makes no guarantee whatsoever with respect to the Bidder’s access to such equipment at any specific time. Bidders are solely responsible for submission and receipt of the entire facsimile Bid by the Authorized User prior to Bid opening and must include on the first page of the transmission the total number of pages transmitted in the facsimile, including the cover page. Incomplete, ambiguous or unreadable transmissions in whole or in part may be rejected at the sole discretion of the Commissioner. Facsimile Bids are fully governed by all conditions outlined in the Bid Documents and must be submitted on forms or in the format required in the Bid Specifications, including the executed signature page and acknowledgment.

  • Facsimile and Email Signatures The use of facsimile signatures and signatures delivered by email in portable document format (.pdf) affixed in the name and on behalf of the transfer agent and registrar of the Partnership on certificates representing Common Units is expressly permitted by this Agreement.

  • Reproduction Proprietary Information supplied is not to be reproduced in any form, without having obtained the prior written consent of Seller (acting through Eastern Consolidated).

  • Electronic Re-presented Checks If you write a check on a personal account that we return unpaid because of insufficient or uncollected funds, payee or any subsequent holder of the check may re-present the check to us, through an electronic instruction ("Electronic Re-presented Check") to charge your account for the amount of the check. If we receive an electronic re-presented check, we will pay or return the electronic re-presented check as if the original paper check was presented to us. Any collection fee you authorize the merchant to debit from your account is an electronic funds transfer subject to the terms of the Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement. If you want to reverse an electronic re-presented check, you must give us an affidavit within fifteen (15) days after we send or make available to you the periodic statement that reflects payment of that electronic re-presented check. In your affidavit, you must declare and swear under oath that the electronic re-presented check was ineligible or unauthorized. If we receive a proper notice of affidavit from you within the 15-day period, we will recredit your account with the amount of the charge. If you wish to stop payment of any electronic re-presented check, you must follow the procedures for stopping payment of checks, not the procedures for stopping payment on electronic loan or bill payments. If you ask us to request the depositor's bank to send us the original paper check or a copy of the paper check, and we provide it to you, you agree that you will not seek to have your account re-credited due to a prior stop payment order or if the item is otherwise ineligible for collection.