The Promise Sample Clauses

The Promise. I, on behalf of myself and my successors in interest and assigns, irrevocably promise not to assert my Granted Claims against you for your Permitted Uses, subject to the terms and conditions of Section 3.1. This is a personal promise directly from me to you, and you acknowledge as a condition of benefiting from it that no rights from me are received from suppliers, distributors, or otherwise in connection with this promise. This promise also applies to your Permitted Uses of any other specifications incorporating all required portions of the Specification.
The Promise. 誓約 For each Working Group in which one or more Bound Entities participates, Signatory, on behalf of itself, all its Related Entities and its and their successors in interest and assigns, promises not to assert its or its Related Entity’s Granted Claims against any Participant in such Working Group for its Public Permitted Uses, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. This is a personal promise directly from each Bound Entity to each Participant in such Working Group, and each Bound Entity represents to such Participant, and such Participant acknowledges as a condition of benefiting from it that no rights from such Bound Entity are received from suppliers, distributors, or otherwise in connection with this promise. These promises also apply to each Participant’s Public Permitted Uses of any other specifications incorporating all required portions of the Specification. 1つ以上の加盟企業が参加する各作業部会について、署名者は自己およびそのすべての関係会社ならびにこれらの利益承継人および譲受人を代理して、本同意書の条項に従って、一般許諾範囲について当該作業部会の一切の参加者に対し、自己またはその関係会社の出願済み特許を構成するクレームについて係争しないことを誓う。これは各加盟企業から当該作業部会の参加者への直接的な個別の誓約であり、各加盟企業は当該参加者に対し、当該加盟企業からの権利がこの誓約に関連して供給業者、販売業者その他の者から受けるものでない旨表明し、当該参加者はかかる加盟企業から利益を受ける条件としてこれを確認する。かかる誓約は、仕様のすべての必要部分を組み込む他の技術仕様の各参加者による一般許諾範囲にも適用される。 If the Signatory is not a Participant in a particular Working Group, and the Board has approved a particular Proposed Standard Specification, such Signatory shall be bound by the promise set forth in this Section with respect to only such Proposed Standard Specification, in which case
The Promise. I, on behalf of myself and my successors in interest and assigns, irrevocably promise not to assert my Granted Claims against you for your Permitted Uses, subject to the terms and conditions of Section

Related to The Promise

  • Vendor’s Resellers as Related to This Agreement Vendor’s Named Resellers (“Resellers”) under this Agreement shall comply with all terms and conditions of this agreement and all addenda or incorporated documents. All actions related to sales by Authorized Vendor’s Resellers under this Agreement are the responsibility of the awarded Vendor. If Resellers fail to report sales to TIPS under your Agreement, the awarded Vendor is responsible for their contractual failures and shall be billed for the fees. The awarded Vendor may then recover the fees from their named reseller. Support Requirements If there is a dispute between the awarded Vendor and TIPS Member, TIPS or its representatives may, at TIPS sole discretion, assist in conflict resolution if requested by either party. TIPS, or its representatives, reserves the right to inspect any project and audit the awarded Vendor’s TIPS project files, documentation and correspondence related to the requesting TIPS Member’s order. If there are confidentiality requirements by either party, TIPS shall comply to the extent permitted by law. Incorporation of Solicitation The TIPS Solicitation which resulted in this Vendor Agreement, whether a Request for Proposals, the Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals or Request for Qualifications solicitation, or other, the Vendor’s response to same and all associated documents and forms made part of the solicitation process, including any addenda, are hereby incorporated by reference into this Agreement as if copied verbatim. SECTION HEADERS OR TITLES THE SECTON HEADERS OR TITLES WITHIN THIS DOCUMENT ARE MERELY GUIDES FOR CONVENIENCE AND ARE NOT FOR CLASSIFICATION OR LIMITING OF THE RESPONSIBILITES OF THE PARTIES TO THIS DOCUMENT. STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS Texas governmental entities are prohibited from doing business with companies that fail to certify to this condition as required by Texas Government Code Sec. 2270. By executing this agreement, you certify that you are authorized to bind the undersigned Vendor and that your company (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of the Agreement. You certify that your company is not listed on and does not and will not do business with companies that are on the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts list of Designated Foreign Terrorists Organizations per Texas Gov't Code 2270.0153 found at You certify that if the certified statements above become untrue at any time during the life of this Agreement that the Vendor will notify TIPS within three (3) business day of the change by a letter on Vendor’s letterhead from and signed by an authorized representative of the Vendor stating the non-compliance decision and the TIPS Agreement number and description at: Attention: General Counsel ESC Region 8/The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) 4845 Highway 271 North Pittsburg, TX,75686 And by an email sent to Insurance Requirements The undersigned Vendor agrees to maintain the below minimum insurance requirements for TIPS Contract Holders: General Liability $1,000,000 each Occurrence/ Aggregate Automobile Liability $300,000 Includes owned, hired & non-owned Workers' Compensation Statutory limits for the jurisdiction in which the Vendor performs under this Agreement. Umbrella Liability $1,000,000 When the Vendor or its subcontractors are liable for any damages or claims, the Vendor’s policy, when the Vendor is responsible for the claim, must be primary over any other valid and collectible insurance carried by the Member. Any immunity available to TIPS or TIPS Members shall not be used as a defense by the contractor's insurance policy. The coverages and limits are to be considered minimum requirements and in no way limit the liability of the Vendor(s). Insurance shall be written by a carrier with an A-; VII or better rating in accordance with current A.M. Best Key Rating Guide. Only deductibles applicable to property damage are acceptable, unless proof of retention funds to cover said deductibles is provided. "Claims made" policies will not be accepted. Vendor’s required minimum coverage shall not be suspended, voided, cancelled, non-renewed or reduced in coverage or in limits unless replaced by a policy that provides the minimum required coverage except after thirty (30) days prior written notice by certified mail, return receipt requested has been given to TIPS or the TIPS Member if a project or pending delivery of an order is ongoing. Upon request, certified copies of all insurance policies shall be furnished to the TIPS or the TIPS Member. Special Terms and Conditions • Orders: All Vendor orders received from TIPS Members must be emailed to TIPS at tipspo@tips- Should a TIPS Member send an order directly to the Vendor, it is the Vendor’s responsibility to forward a copy of the order to TIPS at the email above within 3 business days and confirm its receipt with TIPS. • Vendor Encouraging Members to bypass TIPS agreement: Encouraging TIPS Members to purchase directly from the Vendor or through another agreement, when the Member has requested using the TIPS cooperative Agreement or price, and thereby bypassing the TIPS Agreement is a violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and will result in removal of the Vendor from the TIPS Program. • Order Confirmation: All TIPS Member Agreement orders are approved daily by TIPS and sent to the Vendor. The Vendor should confirm receipt of orders to the TIPS Member (customer) within 3 business days. • Vendor custom website for TIPS: If Vendor is hosting a custom TIPS website, updated pricing when effective. TIPS shall be notified when prices change in accordance with the award.

  • INSURANCE COMPANY NOT A PARTY TO THIS AGREEMENT The Insurer shall not be deemed a party to this Agreement, but will respect the rights of the parties as herein developed upon receiving an executed copy of this Agreement. Payment or other performance in accordance with the policy provisions shall fully discharge the Insurer from any and all liability.

  • The P C. acknowledges and agrees that the Manager is entitled to prevent its competitors from obtaining and utilizing its trade secrets. The P.C. agrees to hold the Manager's trade secrets in strictest confidence and not to disclose them or allow them to be disclosed directly or indirectly to any person or entity other than persons engaged by the P.C. or the Manager. The P.C. acknowledges its fiduciary obligations to the Manager and the confidentiality of its relationship with the Manager and of any information relating to the services and business methods of the Manager which it may obtain during the term of this Agreement. The P.C. shall not, either during the term of this Agreement or at any time after the expiration or sooner termination of this Agreement, disclose to anyone other than employees or independent contractors of the P.C. or the Manager any confidential or proprietary information or trade secret obtained by the P.C. from the Manager. The P.C. also agrees to place any persons to whom said information is disclosed for the purpose of performance under legal obligation to treat such information as strictly confidential.

  • Parties to this Agreement This is a YRT Agreement for indemnity reinsurance (the "Agreement") solely between Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of Lincoln, Nebraska and RGA Reinsurance Company of Chesterfield, Missouri. The Ceding Company and the Reinsurer are collectively referred to as the "parties". The acceptance of risks under this Agreement will create no right or legal relationship between the Reinsurer and the insured, owner or beneficiary of any insurance policy or other contract of the Ceding Company. The Agreement will be binding upon the Ceding Company and the Reinsurer and their respective successors and assigns.

  • Work Unit and Employees Covered (Detailed and specific description of department and employees covered.)


  • Services Covered USBFS shall make the following electronic, interactive and processing services (“Electronic Services”) available to the Trust in accordance with the terms of this Exhibit C:

  • Breach of this Agreement If the Executive commits a breach, or threatens to commit a breach, of any of the provisions of Sections 7, 8 or 9 of this Agreement, then the Company shall have the right and remedy to have those provisions specifically enforced by any court having equity jurisdiction, it being acknowledged and agreed by the Executive that the rights and privileges of the Company granted in Sections 7, 8 and 9 are of a special, unique and extraordinary character and any such breach or threatened breach will cause great and irreparable injury to the Company and that money damages will not provide an adequate remedy to the Company.

  • Indemnity to be Provided If the Trust requests the Custodian to take any action with respect to Securities, which may, in the opinion of the Custodian, result in the Custodian or its nominee becoming liable for the payment of money or incurring liability of some other form, the Custodian shall not be required to take such action until the Trust shall have provided indemnity therefor to the Custodian in an amount and form satisfactory to the Custodian.

  • AUTHORITY TO EXECUTE THIS AGREEMENT Each individual executing this Agreement on behalf of the Subrecipient represents and warrants that he or she is duly authorized to execute this Agreement on behalf of the Subrecipient.