Accuracy definition

Accuracy means the difference between a measured value and a reference value, traceable to a national standard and describes the correctness of a result.
Accuracy means a degree of conformance between the estimated or measured value and the true value;
Accuracy means the closeness of the agreement between the result of a measurement and the true value of the particular quantity or a reference value determined empirically using internationally accepted and traceable calibration materials and standard methods, taking into account both random and systematic factors;

Examples of Accuracy in a sentence

  • Accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the report are critical to many aspects of NASA's operations.

  • Accuracy and precision were measured in the laboratory using custom bladder phantoms, having a known bladder volume covering the range of expected volumes.

  • Comment on 'Accuracy of rock-varnish chemical analyses: implications for cation-ratio dating'.

  • Reply on 'Accuracy of rock-varnish chemical analyses: implications for cation-ratio dating'.

  • Sample Size Calculation Guide - Part 4: How to Calculate the Sample Size for a Diagnostic Test Accuracy Study based on Sensitivity, Specificity, and the Area Under the ROC Curve.

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Accuracy means that the information a furnisher provides to a consumer reporting agency about an account or other relationship with the consumer correctly:
Accuracy means the degree of agreement between an observed value and an accepted reference value. Accuracy includes a combination of random error (precision) and systematic error (bias) components that are due to sampling and analytical operations. Accuracy is an indicator of data quality.
Accuracy means the deviation between a measured or calculated value and a traceable reference value.
Accuracy means the closeness of a measured value to an accepted reference value or standard.
Accuracy means the closeness of a measured value to its generally accepted value or its value based upon an accepted ref- erence standard.
Accuracy means the combination of bias and precision errors, technically defined as uncertainty, that quantifies the differences between a measured and true value.
Accuracy means the difference between a measurement and true value. "Alternate Fuel" means any fuel that will reduce non-methane hydrocarbons (on a