Accuracy definition

Accuracy means the difference between a measured value and a reference value, traceable to a national standard and describes the correctness of a result.
Accuracy means a degree of conformance between the estimated or measured value and the true value;
Accuracy means the closeness of the agreement between the result of a measurement and the true value of the particular quantity or a reference value determined empirically using internationally accepted and traceable calibration materials and standard methods, taking into account both random and systematic factors;

Examples of Accuracy in a sentence

  • There are three sections that require signature: (A) Preparer certification,(B) Accuracy of Reported Costs certification by Owner, Partner or Officer and (C) Use of Public Funds certification by Owner, Partner, Officer or Administrator.

  • Accuracy of work and aesthetic finish are essential part of this contract.

  • Accuracy of Drawings Submitted All drawings shall be neat and professional in manner and shall be clearly labeled as to locations and type of product, connections and components.

  • Challenging Accuracy of Protected Data: Parents or eligible students can challenge the accuracy of any Protected Data provided by the District to Vendor, by contacting the District regarding procedures for requesting amendment of education records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  • Accuracy of direct reading shall be 1.0 of voltmeter and 1.5 for ammeters.

More Definitions of Accuracy

Accuracy means the deviation between a measured or calculated value and a traceable reference value.
Accuracy means the degree of agreement between an observed value and an accepted reference value. Accuracy includes a combination of random error (precision) and systematic error (bias) components that are due to sampling and analytical operations. Accuracy is an indicator of data quality.
Accuracy means the closeness of a measured value to its generally accepted value or its value based upon an accepted ref- erence standard.
Accuracy means the closeness of a measured value to an accepted reference value or standard.
Accuracy means the combination of bias and precision errors, technically defined as uncertainty, that quantifies the differences between a measured and true value.
Accuracy means, in the context of PBN operations, the degree of conformance between the estimated, measured or desired position and/or the velocity of a platform at a given time, and its true position or velocity. Navigation performance accuracy is usually presented as a statistical measure of system error and is specified as predictable, repeatable and relative.
Accuracy means that the information a furnisher provides to a consumer reporting agency about an account or other relationship with the consumer correctly: