Washer definition

Washer means a machine which agitates fabric articles in a petroleum solvent bath and spins the articles to remove the solvent, together with the piping and ductwork used in the installation of this device.
Washer means a machine used to clean articles by immersing them inperchloroethylene.
Washer means a machine used to clean articles by immersing them in perchloroethylene. This includes a dry-to-dry machine when used with a reclaimer.

Examples of Washer in a sentence

  • Install screw fasteners with power tools having controlled torque adjusted to compress Washer tightly without damage to washer, screw threads or panels.

  • The unit shall be supplied with following from the factory with following Operation Manual /Installation Manual .Paper pattern for installation Drain hose/ Clamp metal/ Washer fixing plate/ Sealing pads/ Clamps/ Screws/ Washer for hanging bracket/ Insulation for fitting.

  • Carpenter, Laborer (excluding High Scaler, Window Washer): $.50 per hour shall be added to the regular straight-time rate for height pay for each hour while working from a bosun's chair and/or from a cable-suspended scaffold or work platform which is free swinging (not attached to building) for each hour worked on said rig.

  • Washer and dryer hook ups in each of the Development’s units or an on-site laundry facility for resident use.

  • Washer water shutoff valves must be installed right side up with the hose connection below the shutoff handle.

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Washer is a Samsung top-loading washing machine subject to the Voluntary Recall, as identified at the following website: xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx/xx/XxxXxxxXxxxxxXxxxxx or xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx/xx/XxxxxxxXxxXxxxXxxxxxXxxxxx If you answered No to this question, STOP: you are not entitled to any compensation or benefit under this Settlement. Question 1: Yes ☐ No ☐ Note: To locate the model # and serial #, refer to the top of the back panel of your washer. 1. Have you selected a Recall Repair through the Voluntary Recall website? NOTE: If you have not already participated in the Voluntary Recall, you may still do so. However, in order to be eligible for the Recall Repair Additional Benefit under the Settlement, you must first participate in the Voluntary Recall and select the Recall Repair by no later than July 25, 2019. Voluntary Recall information is available at xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx/xx/XxxXxxxXxxxxxXxxxxx or xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx/xx/XxxxxxxXxxXxxxXxxxxxXxxxxx Question 2: Yes ☐ No ☐ Have you affixed the control panel guide provided in the Home Label Kit to your Washer’s control panel? Question 3: Yes ☐ No ☐ Do you at all times operate your Washer in accordance with the additional instructions provided in the Home Label Kit? Question 4: Yes ☐ No ☐
Washer means a machine which agitates fabric articles in a petroleum solvent bath and spins the
Washer means an employee who washes and dries materials or wool and if neces­ sary moth-proof the wool;
Washer means a person competent to clean jewellery using clearly defined jewellery cleaning process
Washer or “Washers” means the Kenmore Washers and the Whirlpool Washers.
Washer employee whose duties are related mainly to one or another of the following tasks: wash- ing, cleaning, wiping or waxing vehicles or their parts, by hand or with machines;
Washer means an employee who washes and dries material or wool and if necessary moth-proof the wool ;