Ash definition

Ash means the fly ash or bottom ash residual waste material produced from incineration or burning of solid waste or from any fuel combustion.
Ash means all species of the genus Fraxinus.
Ash means the residual waste material produced from an incineration process or any combustion.

Examples of Ash in a sentence

Exicure is granting an option to sublicense certain of the Exicure Rights to IPSEN BIOPHARM LIMITED, a company organized under the laws of England, located at Ash Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham LL13 9UF, United Kingdom (“Ipsen”) pursuant to the Collaboration, Option and License Agreement, dated on the date hereof, between Exicure and Ipsen (the “Sublicense Agreement”), upon the execution of which Ipsen would become a Sublicensee (as defined under the Northwestern Agreements).

Nikolaos Aletras, Elliott Ash, Leslie Barrett, Daniel Chen, Adam Meyers, Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro, David Rosenberg, and Amanda Stent, editors.

The Secretary of State shall not exercise the powers of compulsory acquisition conferred by the Bill in relation to the Property, Ash Tree Farm, but instead the Nominated Undertaker may exercise the powers of Schedule 15 to the Bill to enter and take temporary possession of the Property.

Ash chips and ash bark fragments (both composted and uncomposted) larger than one inch in diameter.

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Ash means the Arizona State Hospital.
Ash means ash produced from the burning of coal in the operation of the GPS;
Ash. (“lludw”) means the matter which results from the treatment of a feeding stuff in accordance with the appropriate procedure set out in the method of analysis for ash specified in Point 5 of the Annex to Directive 71/250/EEC(b);
Ash means the solid residue from the incineration of solid wastes.
Ash means impurities consisting of silica, iron, alumina and other incombustible matter that are contained in coal. Since ash increases the weight of coal, it adds to the cost of handling and can affect the burning characteristics of coal.
Ash means a tree of the genus Fraxinus.
Ash or "Ashes" shall mean the solid residue left when combustible material is thoroughly burned or is oxidized by chemical means;