Vessel Specifications definition

Vessel Specifications means the specifications for any vessels (including the Vessels) utilising the Port as set out in the Port Regulations.
Vessel Specifications means the specifications of the Vessel, as defined in the Charter.
Vessel Specifications means the description of the Vessel set out in Schedule 1, as such description may be amended pursuant to any Lessee request made in accordance with Clause 4.3(b);

Examples of Vessel Specifications in a sentence

  • Box 4 (Vessel Specifications) has been expanded to include the vessel’s IMO number and the P&I Club/insurer.

  • Each Vessel scheduled to load Biomass at the Berth must satisfy the requirements of the Required Vessel Specifications; provided, that Owner shall accept or reject any Vessel within one (1) Business Day of receiving such nomination and any other information required by the Required Vessel Specifications; and provided further, that Owner’s acceptance of such Vessel shall not be unreasonably withheld.

  • In addition, Owner may screen any Vessel scheduled for loading at the Berth to ensure such Vessel is in compliance with the Required Vessel Specifications.

  • Customer shall indemnify Owner in accordance with Section 14.2 for any loss, cost or damage resulting from failure to comply with any of the Required Vessel Specifications.

  • Seller shall not disclose the Vessel Specifications, in whole or in part, except as expressly allowed in writing by Buyer and only for performing under the Purchase Order.

  • Seller shall not disclose any portions of the Vessel Specifications in such a complete form as would enable third parties to construct, or have constructed, a vessel of the same design as the Vessels without: (i) expressly prohibiting the further disclosure thereof; and (ii) expressly prohibiting the use thereof for the purpose of designing, constructing, repairing or having designed, constructed, or repaired, another vessel of the same design as the Vessels.

  • The Vessel Specifications shall be disclosed to Seller only as reasonably required for such purposes as are necessary in order to carry out the terms of the Purchase Order that Buyer has agreed to perform for Buyer’s customer.

  • For performance of the Purchase Order, Seller shall use only those portions of the Vessel Specifications as are required to perform hereunder.

  • Ex-USS Oriskany Vessel Specifications Type of vesselEssex Class aircraftcarrier (CV-34)Overall length911 ftExtreme beam107 ftKeel dateMay 1, 1944Launch dateOct.

  • R/V Preston Equipment and Vessel Specifications There were no vessel or equipment configurations used during data acquisition that deviated from those described in the OPR-N338-KR-08 Data Acquisition and Processing Report (DAPR).2 B2.

More Definitions of Vessel Specifications

Vessel Specifications has the meaning ascribed in the IXX.

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