Recreational Vehicle (RV definition

Recreational Vehicle (RV means a vehicle, which is:
Recreational Vehicle (RV means a temporary dwelling, for travel and recreation purposes, and licensed as a motor home, camper or travel trailer.
Recreational Vehicle (RV means a vehicular or portable unit designed to be mounted on a chassis and wheels, which either has its own motive power or is mounted on or drawn by another vehicle, such as travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, camping trailers, motor homes, or truck campers which may be used as a temporary dwelling or sleeping place for work force housing staff.

Examples of Recreational Vehicle (RV in a sentence

  • Since then, CIL Insurance has grown to be a specialist Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurer.

  • WHEREAS City Council desires to pass this emergency ordinance to allow the issuance of temporary camping permits to place a Recreational Vehicle (RV) as defined in Ouray Municipal Code § 7-2, on private property in limited situations and only for use as workforce housing for anyone working for a business within the City.

  • Burnet County has adopted a daily flow rate of 100 gallons per unit per day for proposed Recreational Vehicle (RV) park on-site sewage facility design.

  • Agency staff shall securely maintain funds to conduct payment transactions for Recreational Vehicle (RV) customers utilizing the Agency facilities to discharge wastewater.

  • The purpose of this section is to establish regulations for Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parks to ensure to ensure high quality development while minimizing impacts to adjacent properties.

More Definitions of Recreational Vehicle (RV

Recreational Vehicle (RV means any motor home, camper, truck, van, motorbike, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, or any other form of transportation used primarily for recreation or relaxation.
Recreational Vehicle (RV means a vehicle designated for temporary living quarters for camping, travelling, or recreational use. It may have its own motor, or be mounted on or pulled by another vehicle.
Recreational Vehicle (RV means a motorized vehicle designed primarily for recreational camping, travel, or seasonal use which has its own motive power or is mounted on or towed by another vehicle, including but not limited to:
Recreational Vehicle (RV means a motor vehicle or trailer mounted on or towed by another vehicle which includes living quarters. Types of RVs include but are not limited to motorhomes, camper vans, coaches, caravans, fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers, and truck campers.
Recreational Vehicle (RV means a vehicle, which is: • built on a single chassis;‌• 400 square feet or less when measured at the largest horizontal projection;• designed to be self-propelled or permanently towable by a light duty truck; and,‌• designed primarily not for use as a permanent dwelling, but as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, travel, or seasonal use.
Recreational Vehicle (RV or “camper vehicle)” means a travel trailer, pick- up camper, converted bus, tent-trailer, motor home, camping trailer, or similar vehicular dwelling used for travel, vacation, or recreationa l purposes.
Recreational Vehicle (RV means any motor home, vacation trailer, camping trailer, camper, conversion van, or makeshift vehicle capable of movement on a roadway, which will afford a degree of shelter for humans.