Bid Request definition

Bid Request means a written request for one or more Bid Loans substantially in the form of Exhibit B-1.
Bid Request means a written request for bids or solicitation, which may be in the form of a Quote, Request for Tender, or Request for Proposal.
Bid Request shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.

Examples of Bid Request in a sentence

  • If it is indicated in the Bid Request Schedule that an information meeting is to be held, the provisions of this clause will apply.

  • The CPUT Representative (or his/her delegate) will meet prospective Bidders at the address, on the date and at the time specified in the Bid Request Schedule, in order to brief the Bidders with regards to this RFB and/or for provision of any further information.

  • The CPUT Department specified in the attached Bid Request Schedule is considering the procurement of the Goods/Services.

  • This RFB, comprising the documents specified in the Bid Request Schedule, has accordingly been issued by the Procurement Department under the RFB Number and Bid Short Title on the Date of Issue of RFB.

  • The Owner shall pay the Successful Bidder in Canadian funds for the completed Work specified under the Bid Request, the amount being determine by actual measured quantities of the individual Work items contained in the Bid.

More Definitions of Bid Request

Bid Request means a bid request substantially in the form set out in the Agency Agreement
Bid Request means any one of the foregoing.
Bid Request means a U.S. Bid Request or a Canadian Bid Request, as applicable.
Bid Request a request by a Borrower or, if such Borrower is a Subsidiary Borrower, the Parent Borrower, on behalf of such Borrower, for Bids, substantially in the form of Exhibit I.