Unit Purchase Price definition

Unit Purchase Price shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 2.1(b).
Unit Purchase Price means the minimum cost to purchase one
Unit Purchase Price means the unit price for each square metre of the area of the Unit as set out in item 8 of the Fourth Schedule;

Examples of Unit Purchase Price in a sentence

  • The Per Unit Purchase Price paid by the Grantee shall be deemed a contribution to the capital of the Partnership upon the terms and conditions set forth herein and in the Partnership Agreement.

  • If the Company does not complete the IPO within ten (10) days from the date of this letter, the Private Unit Purchase Price (without interest or deduction) will be returned to the undersigned.

  • Simultaneously with the consummation of the IPO, Loeb shall deposit the Private Unit Purchase Price, without interest or deduction, into the trust fund (“Trust Fund”) established by the Company for the benefit of the Company’s public shareholders as described in the Registration Statement.

  • Each of the Company, and the undersigned acknowledges and agrees that Loeb is serving hereunder solely as a convenience to the parties to facilitate the purchase of the Private Units and Loeb’s sole obligation under this letter agreement is to act with respect to holding and disbursing the Private Unit Purchase Price as described above.

  • At least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the effective date of the Registration Statement, the undersigned will cause the Private Unit Purchase Price to be delivered to Loeb & Loeb LLP (“Loeb”), counsel for the Company, by wire transfer as set forth in the instructions attached as Exhibit A to hold in a non-interest bearing account until the Company consummates the IPO.

More Definitions of Unit Purchase Price

Unit Purchase Price means the minimum cost to purchase one tuition unit for an eligible beneficiary. Generally, the minimum purchase price is one percent of the undergraduate tuition and fees for the current year, rounded to the nearest whole dollar, adjusted for the costs of administration and adjusted to ensure the actuarial soundness of the account. The analysis for price setting shall also include, but not be limited to consideration of past and projected patterns of tuition increases, program liability, past and projected investment returns, and the need for a prudent stabilization reserve.
Unit Purchase Price means the minimum cost to
Unit Purchase Price has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.2 hereof.
Unit Purchase Price means, with respect to any Unit, the product of the Purchase Price and the Unit Percentage for such Unit.
Unit Purchase Price means the purchase price payable for a single Unit calculated as follows (but not less than zero (0)):
Unit Purchase Price equals $25.00 per each Unit, subject to adjustment for reverse and forward stock splits, stock dividends, stock combinations and other similar transactions of the Series A Shares or Common Shares that occur after the date of this Agreement.
Unit Purchase Price means $ per square metre;