Deferred Purchase Price definition

Deferred Purchase Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2(a).
Deferred Purchase Price has the meaning specified in the Originator Purchase Agreement.
Deferred Purchase Price means the portion of the Purchase Price of Transferred Receivables purchased on any Purchase Date exceeding the amount of the Purchase Price under Section 2.02 to be paid in cash.

Examples of Deferred Purchase Price in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding any provision contained in this Agreement or any other Transaction Document to the contrary, none of the Purchasers or Agent shall, and none of them shall be obligated (whether on behalf of a Purchaser or otherwise) to, pay any amount to Seller in respect of any portion of the RPA Deferred Purchase Price, except to the extent that Collections are available for distribution to Seller in accordance with this Agreement.

  • Any amount not paid for the Asset Portfolio hereunder as Cash Purchase Price shall be paid to Seller as the RPA Deferred Purchase Price pursuant to, and only to the extent required by, the priority of payments set forth in Sections 2.2(b) and (c) and otherwise pursuant to the terms of this Agreement (including Section 2.6).

  • Subject to the application of Collections as RPA Deferred Purchase Price as permitted on each Settlement Date pursuant to Sections 2.2(b), 2.2(c) and 2.6, on each Business Day on and after the Final Payout Date, Servicer, on behalf of Agent and the Purchasers, shall pay to Seller an amount as deferred purchase price (the “RPA Deferred Purchase Price”) equal to the Collections of Receivables then held or thereafter received by Seller (or Servicer on its behalf) less any accrued and unpaid Servicing Fee.

  • The Total Purchase Price and the interest on the unpaid balance of the Deferred Purchase Price are payable in lawful money of the United States of America, at the time of payment.

  • The final installment of the Deferred Purchase Price shall be paid by the Registrar to the Registered Owner upon presentation and surrender of this Agreement at the office of the Registrar.

More Definitions of Deferred Purchase Price

Deferred Purchase Price means $ , the deferred portion of the Total Purchase Price to be paid by the County to the Registered Owner in accordance with this Agreement.
Deferred Purchase Price means that portion of the Purchase Price for the sale and assignment of the Initial Mortgage Portfolio or of any New Mortgage Portfolio sold and assigned to the Mortgages Trustee which is not paid to the Seller on the Initial Closing Date or, in the case of any New Mortgage Portfolio, on the relevant Assignment Date and which is to be paid by the Mortgages Trustee to the Seller from time to time from Deferred Contributions received by the Mortgages Trustee from Funding and otherwise in accordance with the Mortgage Sale Agreement;
Deferred Purchase Price has the meaning set forth in Section 1.4(c) of the Agreement.
Deferred Purchase Price means any purchase price or other consideration, including payments under agreements not to compete, payable to the sellers in an Acquisition (whether consummated before or after the date of this Agreement) after consummation of such Acquisition, whether evidenced by notes, debentures or the contractual promise to pay on a deferred basis.
Deferred Purchase Price means the amount calculated pursuant to Section 5.06 hereof.
Deferred Purchase Price is defined in Section 3.1(b).
Deferred Purchase Price means the aggregate of amounts paid to the Seller in respect of the Deferred Purchase Price pursuant to Sections 2.7(f) and 2.9(f);