TRY definition

TRY means “use reasonable endeavours”; and
TRY means the lawful currency from time to time of the Republic of Turkey; and
TRY mean the lawful currency of Turkey.

Examples of TRY in a sentence

  • If problem persists, contact eMedNY Call Center at 1-800-343-9000 for assistance.PLEASE TRY AGAINThe card swipe was unsuccessful because you partially swiped the card, the card was damaged, or the equipment malfunctioned.

  • Swap-free trading accounts do not include the following exotic currencies: CNH, HKD, MXN, PLN, TRY, ZAR.

  • Capacity utilization rate of Türk Prysmian reached 71% in 2022, and it continues to be a privileged export center within the Prysmian Group, exporting approximately 18% of its 7.186.815.354 TRY turnover in 2022.

  • It provided for monthly payments in the total amount of TRY 4,200.00 (approximately EUR 2,150.00 considering the exchange rate of 2 December 2010).

  • If you cannot attend class, have someone else hand it in for you.- TRY NOT TO MISS THE READING QUIZZES - Make-up quizzes are in essay form.- NO EXTRA CREDIT.

More Definitions of TRY

TRY or “YTL” or “New Turkish Lira” means the lawful currency of the Guarantor.
TRY means “use reasonable endeavours”;
TRY means Turkish Lira; and
TRY means "use reasonable endeavours";
TRY means “use reasonable endeavours”; and [c] “end”, in relation to the contract, means “terminate”; and
TRY means Turkish Lira, being the lawful currency of the Republic of Turkey; and
TRY means the Turkish lira, the lawful currency of Turkey;