TRY definition

TRY means “use reasonable endeavours”; and
TRY means the lawful currency from time to time of the Republic of Turkey; and
TRY mean the lawful currency of Turkey.

Examples of TRY in a sentence

  • The transactions accounted on the group’s legal records in foreign currency (currencies excluding TRY) are converted to Turkish Liras by using the exchange rates on the date of transaction.

  • The enclosed consolidated financial statements are presented in Turkish Lira (TRY) and all financial data available is included by rounding up to the closest TRY amount.

  • If there are insufficient funds in a particular Currency to pay for a transaction, the balance of the transaction will be automatically processed using other Currencies held on the Card in the following order of priority: EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, AED, ZAR, CHF and TRY.

  • The company’s upper limit of registered capital is TRY 150.000.000.

  • International transfers through Business e-Banking platform realized until 14:30 are transferred within the day, while in TRY currency realized until 11:00 are transferred within the day.

More Definitions of TRY

TRY means “use reasonable endeavours”;
TRY means Turkish Lira; and
TRY means "use reasonable endeavours";
TRY means the Turkish lira, the lawful currency of Turkey;
TRY means Turkish Lira, being the lawful currency of the Republic of Turkey; and