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Consensus-based means a program or practice that has
Consensus-based means a program or practice that has general support among treatment providers and experts, based on experience or professional literature, and may have anecdotal or case study support, or that is agreed but not possible to perform studies with random assignment and controlled groups.
Consensus-based means a program or practice that has general

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Consensus-based means a program or practice that
Consensus-based means a program or practice

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  • Consensus Policies are those policies established (1) pursuant to the procedure set forth in ICANN’s Bylaws and due process, and (2) covering those topics listed in Section 1.2 of this Specification. The Consensus Policy development process and procedure set forth in ICANN’s Bylaws may be revised from time to time in accordance with the process set forth therein.

  • Mobile crisis outreach team means the same as that term is defined in Section 62A-15-102.

  • Performance-based contracting means the structuring of all aspects of the procurement of services around the purpose of the work to be performed and the desired results with the contract requirements set forth in clear, specific, and objective terms with measurable outcomes. Contracts shall also include provisions that link the performance of the contractor to the level and timing of reimbursement.

  • Labour-Based Methods means work methods whereby activities are carried out using labour where technically and economically viable and appropriate equipment is only used when labour alone will not achieve the required standards.

  • Research-based means a program or practice that has some research demonstrating effectiveness, but that does not yet meet the standard of evidence-based practices.

  • Continuous parameter monitoring system or “CPMS” means all of the equipment necessary to meet the data acquisition and availability requirements of this chapter, to monitor the process device operational parameters and the control device operational parameters (e.g., control device secondary voltages and electric currents) and other information (e.g., gas flow rate, O2 or CO2 concentrations), and to record the average operational parameter value(s) on a continuous basis.

  • Management Team shall include any executive officer, senior vice-president and vice-president of the Company and other employees of the Company nominated by the Chief Executive Officer and ratified by the Compensation Committee.

  • Performance Indicators means the indicators for Project monitoring and evaluation set forth in the Operational Manual.